You Are So Valuable

people1You are so valuable that we have devoted immense time, effort and skill to merging the Bible with proven life skills concepts to create individual support resources.

The whole key to success is putting your passion into use for others, right away. You have passion, even if others have diminished it. The question is whether you have the courage to take action.

This is a recap of some fundamentals of the individual support resources on this site. We encourage you to apply these resources to help you live a more happy, productive and successful life.

Maybe it sounds corny, at first, but you need to control your thoughts. You need to focus on the positive about yourself. Don’t let the negative take hold. Discard limiting thoughts, even if they are the majority of what you hear.

It’s not that hard to create positive action if you follow the correct steps. All it will cost you is time, paper and a pen. The result is a change that you should enjoy and embrace – even given that change is difficult.

We are giving you the proven formula to succeed free. Why? Why are we giving away the most valuable information in the world? There are two main reasons. First, all this information is available, albeit in a million different places. Second, and more important, we know God blessed us, and He commands every one of us to help others. That is why we have spent countless hours creating the individual support library from scratch. We sincerely want to help.

Live for today, learning from (not dwelling on) the past with a hopeful vision of tomorrow. Don’t procrastinate due to fear – any fear. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. It only limits your actions. Stick to your plan of important things to do. Plan to succeed and follow through. If not now, when?

Remember that what you put in your brain affects how you act. If you think about sin, God warns you that just thinking it is doing sin. He knows your thoughts are critical. Focus your thoughts on what you want to happen, not on limiters. Perfect practice makes perfect.



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