Who Should Run the Country?

Let’s compare Newt Gingrich to Ron Paul

What similarities do they share?

Both were members of the House of Representatives. Both are running for president.

I think the similarities end there.

What are the differences?

I think Gingrich is a typical Washington crook. He is clearly motivated primarily by money. When he left the congress, he has undertaken lucrative schemes to reward the biggest crooks of them all.

Newt’s think tank fleeced the health care industry of $37 million. That wonderful Gingrich organization pushed a health care mandate for all who made over $50,000. That means a person 1.5 times the poverty level in America could be forced to have health care or post a bond, even with a handful of children. Of course, that would be unaffordable. Mitt Romney even said he got the idea for the Obamacare Massachusetts style came from Gingrich.

Newt also profited handsomely from Fannie Mae, the mortgage perpetrator of the housing bust that has cost millions of Americans their homes. Gingrich made $1.8 million from them, too.

Newt is the biggest saber rattler of any American politician. Our wars will be immense if the unthinkable happens next November.

On the other hand, Ron Paul seems motivated by a clean 4 decade record of limited government, freedom and strict adherence to the Constitution.

Ron Paul, also, profited from medicine. He did it the old fashioned way, though. He was a doctor. Ron Paul is violently opposed to the Obamacare fiasco, and he said that from day one.

Ron Paul also has a preeminent position with Fannie Mae. It just turns out that he holds the opposite end of that spectrum, though. Ron Paul actually predicted the housing crisis and Fannie Mae’s role in it in 2003, five years before the crisis.

He will bring home the troops on day one, unlike Obama who promised that very thing to absolutely the opposite conclusion.

What can we conclude from this?

Follow the money. Gingrich will not forget his past. The allegiances he formed with these and other shady American scoundrels will not go away. It shows that this is his character. He is the prototypical Washington politician, who drools over the chance of get the $400,000 presidential salary and its unlimited benefits.

Ron Paul has volunteered to be President of the United States for $39,336 the average wage of the American worker. He has proposed to cut $1T of spending from the American federal government in the first year, and he has plans to cut five governments from existence.

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