Where Did the Money Go?

America has a national debt approaching $16T.

What Did We Get For It?

We have no assets that we purchased with that. Even the roads we are building with the stimulus funds are being handed over to private companies to run for profit.

The pentagon gave us nothing for all the military imperialism we have done. The department of housing gave us no houses. The department of health and human services gave us no health or human services for tomorrow (or how you might look at an asset). Hey, we don’t even have any alcohol, tobacco or firearms from the ATF.

What Could We Have Bought With $16T?

First, we could have bought the entire top 50 companies in America. Oh, and we would have over $10T left over. We could already have bought Microsoft just with the interest on the debt we have paid in the first three quarters of 2011. Now, be sure that I am not suggesting the government go out and buy private companies. They have screwed us over bad enough without doing that. The point is illustrative that this money was wasted on something. The American economy is being run into the ground. We certainly don’t want to see these clowns run our biggest companies into oblivion, too.

How Is This Working Out For You?

I guess I have to assume that some of you who read this think that this is going pretty good. That makes sense, since over half of all Americans now get a significant portion of their income straight from big brother. In other words, you aren’t even able to survive without getting something from the public trough. I am not saying that is necessarily bad, on the surface. However, the real impact of this is that people grow dependent on this handout. Then, they no longer feel a real urgency to change that situation. It becomes easier to just vote for it to continue.

While that may be OK for you, it has done nothing for America. Now, someone must be getting a lot for this, as the magnitude of this is so crazy.

Who Is Getting All of This?

You know, I hated to write this article, because I can’t answer the most important question – that one. We sort of have to guess, don’t we. Many blame the rich in the country. If big brother saw that as the problem, in the infinite wisdom of that, then we would have bought out all the richest people in the country already.

So, I think we can rule out the big business theft theory.

Well, I assure you that I don’t have it. Do you? I didn’t think so.

Here’s Where I think All the Money Went

I think the government just spends it on themselves. They buy themselves jobs and perks. Sure, a lot of money goes to paying back the guys that get these crooks elected. I call them crooks, because that is exactly what they are. They are exposed for every kind of illegality, but they face no trials, much less convictions. The people are asleep.

Where Did All This Money Come From?

It was created out of thin air. Basically, the Fed just goes over to the printing press and prints it up. Then, they give it mostly over to big brother.

So, What Do We Do Now?

Really, I think it is pretty simple. The fed created all this money out of thin air. Surely, they have to realize that even we would get wise to this scam eventually. They know that we will refuse to pay them back for money they created out of thin air, when it is actually realized. So, we will just refuse to pay back the Fed. They get enough interest to buy Microsoft every nine months, as it is. That has been going on for decades, so they have had more than enough. Of course, I am certain that all these criminals in the government and big business should either go to jail or worse for these crimes they committed.

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