What is the Good Life?

Life is about balance. Sure balance is different to everyone, so how do you come up with something that will give freedom to pursue the things you want that make you happy. You would probably hate the balance that I strive for, but i will tell you about it. You can adapt a successful process to your life, too.

Well, let’s start with what it isn’t. For me, the ole 9-5 rut is absolutely not the means to the end here. What is so bad about the 9-5 rut? Well, gas prices are sure making it worse, huh? Is your job fun? How do you know? Well, what would you be thinking about if you did not have to concentrate on your tasks? Really, would you be thinking about that?

I know I ask a lot of questions.

OK, let me relate this to me, then. I like my hobbies. “How could I concentrate on my hobbies and make money at it?”, I used to wonder. I really kind of knew that I needed to work for myself to do that. No one wanted to pay me to ride horses, since I was a mediocre English and Western rider. I did not like the hard work of mucking stalls either. What about gardening, fishing, hunting, ATVs, boats, guitar, skateboarding and golf, to name a few?

I do not endorse network marketing, though. I find that the odds are very long against success in the multilevel scheme. While it is indeed easy, it is a waste of time and money, in my opinion. Applying the same networking formula to your own efforts is a better path to success. Still, it does take time to learn the fundamentals of internet marketing. Usually, you can learn enough for free by following good internet marketers. There is a wealth of good free information on the internet. We are happy to recommend some of our favorites, and we do not make a cent on it.

I like stompernet.com for the strategic and tactical components. They recommend lots of good sources of actual technical tools. Jeff Walker has a good internet marketing process. That should get you started, if you want.

As unemployment remains a persistent problem, it is important to find alternate ways to support ourselves, our friends and our families. I think more and more people will turn back to the land, too. While I am stalling on working a farm/garden, I sure intend to get to that ASAP. It is tough in Texas, as it is so hot in the summer.

Well, I did it…really I did. It has been hard work, and that hard work will continue. However, I think my hard work will pay off.

I decided on ecommerce websites. I build blogs and websites that sell these products, and I make a small commission. Those small commissions are adding up. I started with gardentrainer.itmh.org and cars.itmh.org. I made those sites work, first. SEO, content, networking and analysis. That one under my belt successfully, I built a bunch of sites just like them.

We are determined to lend leadership to a movement to provide jobs in an untraditional way. Many people are unable to gain meaningful employment within our rigid system. Take for example a former prisoner… Who will hire the person? We have become so punitive as a society that an entrepreneur will not want to take the chance. How can we say that we give people a second chance when we cannot provide them a job? No one can survive without a job, unless they just go back to a life of crime.

Some sites are earning well after only a couple of months. It takes a month for the site to be up and running, I think, just to get something going that can start to earn some money. So, if you are tired of the grind you are in or unemployed, get started on this. Learn how to find products to sell, learn a little about blogging, then find the right products you want to sell.

I am not here to tell you that it is easy to learn and practice this, but you really can do it. By the way, I am not here to sell you the process. I am not sure I know enough to teach you. However, the training is out there. Once you learn it, I am convinced that you can make a decent or good living from this.

Now, I have another slant on this process, but I don’t think I could convince you to go to this work just to find out how to cure poverty. Still, that is my plan for this. After all, the secret to a good life is balance.

I have to know that my life has meaning. I get that from helping others, and I don’t get satisfied helping one or two. I have sure not felt fulfilled just taking stuff to Goodwill, giving money to my church or making a charitable donation. But that’s just me. Figure out how to work from home doing ecommerce, gardening, etc., and you can find the freedom to work on the things that interest you.

Oh, by the way, I have opened this business by investing about $200, and I have not seen too many $200 legitimate businesses out there.

Go ahead and let me know what you think, and I will be happy to help you help out – others, hopefully, but you, too.


GBY – o/

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