Occupy (Your Town)

What is the Occupy Movement?

This protest movement is a loosely organized, populist attempt to spotlight the plight of the majority of people in a society where the rich are getting way richer really fast, while others struggle. Like almost every other protest, the government is the bad guy who the protesters detest. The cops’ response to this protest seem to be increasing the gap between protesters and the establishment.

Primary causes of disgust among the protesters range from high student loans with no jobs to repay them – to the corruption of big banks. Other injustices are brought in to the protests, and that is either the strong point or the weak point, depending on your viewpoint.

Who Is Involved?

The protesters are primarily youth, as is the case in most large scale protests on the ground. Still, older geezers are pitching in, perhaps rekindling some old 60s and 70s type memories. It’s a whole lot easier to say who isn’t involved, who is almost everyone, especially the mainstream media.

Political leaders are staying a safe distance from the protests, letting the cops do the dirty work, since the leaders are not trying to get involved. There are a few local politicians who are taking part. Gary Johnson has visited and chatted with the protesters, and Ron Paul has been in communication with them, too.

What is the Response of Government?

This is the most interesting part of this movement. It is not yet tolerable for the US government to openly display fascist tactics against a mass movement in its borders. Now, it is not at all beyond this regime to kill its own citizens who are never convicted, never tried or even ever accused of a crime. The infamous Patriot Act (so terribly misnamed) has allowed the president to just go kill anyone he wants whenever he wants. He needs no concurrence. I add this, because that precedent is in place as a backdrop to this situation.

The most obvious government tactics are to dislodge the protest camps, late at night when press coverage will be light or none, with massive shows of force. Oakland, CA and NY Wall St are recent examples. The force used has been in excess of the necessity to act. Their training in social skills is apparently failing. Pictures and videos of excessive cop force are all over the internet and reported widely on all media except maybe the main stream media.

Thus, the already nonexistent relationship of government leaders to the people will erode to adversaries. I believe that it is a common social fact today that cops want us to bow down to them at all times. We can either be ignored or be bullied.

What Isn’t the Response of Government?

As would be expected, our political leaders, like Michael Bloomberg NY mayor, are unwilling to interact with the protesters. Of course, guys like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, who actually talk with people not at them, are not the leaders in Oakland or NY either. Obama has done the unthinkable. He condemns other countries, then condones the cops here doing the same or using even more force. What a hypocrite.


It is so pathetic to see how inept our leaders really are, when faced with even a small issue like this. Rather than go talk with the folks there to work out a way to clean the park, they send in the riot squads to cause riots. Well, thankfully, the protesters are far more disciplined than the political leaders or the cops.

Of course, there will be no repercussions on the cops using excessive force, unless the public outcry becomes deafening. This protest is nowhere near the magnitude to break the numbness of Americans in this age.

So far, big brother has not tried to label this movement a terrorist threat, via the nebulous but infamous war on terror. If that happens, people can be shot without trial or anything just. All Obama needs to do is say it, though, and the fascist state can continue in its march to totalitarianism.

Don’t think it is just top leaders who are insulated and ambivalent to the movement. According to mayor Bloomberg after Zuccotti Park was cleared of the protesters and their possessions, “One of the surest signs we did the right thing is that no one in city, as far as I know, is calling for return of the tarps, tents and encampment of Zuccotti Park,” and adding, “Now, there are protestors that are probably calling for it, but I don’t know of any elected officials who have stood up.”

I guess we could call it progress that former presidential candidate Rudy Guiliani is not mayor anymore. He had these brilliant comments to contribute. Rudy Giuliani said if he were still mayor of New York City, he would’ve booted the protesters out of Zuccotti Park on “day one” of the occupation, calling the demonstrators “bums” and “leftover hippies.”

Giuliani (who is not running for president) told Sean Hannity in a radio interview, “I would have handled this differently. I took over a city that had had two riots in the two years before I was mayor. I didn’t have a riot, because I didn’t let it start.”

What is the Result of These Protests So Far?

No new laws or dialogue have really occurred so far. Perhaps a few people, who were ignorant of conditions in America, have awakened to the fact of elitism gone rampant.

However, it is obvious that America is no more a land of we the people than it was in the 60s. Leaders are clueless, tactless and socially arrogant. Nothing has changed there, well, no it has eroded further. Obama is just a modern Nixon, in terms of his relation to the people. Replace the Rockefellers with the Bloombergs.

To protest is to demonstrate passion. What is the reward to the protesters? Sadly, many of them, already disillusioned, will now carry convictions of silly violations with them, too. In other words, we will further alienate our passionate youth. How do people continue to elect such bozos?

What Should We Expect?

Most likely, nothing substantive will result. At least, that seems to be the wishes of NY Mayor Bloomberg, and why not. He has one of the largest vested interests in Wall St. However, we may have a return to the heavy handed big brother redistribution of income of the 70s. Unions may use this to regain some semblance of respectability, undeserved that that would be (but that may be the topic of another article).

Remember, that a hand out always fails to deliver any meaningful changes. A leg up is always the answer. We will not see any use of that common sense strategy in all of this, until we elect leaders who have passion for the people outside their immediate family.

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