Occupy Wal…Mart

Where Did the American Worker Go?

Let’s be realistic. The unbelievably horrific working conditions in China have only ended up in destroying the American worker. There is no way that any American should be allowed, much less forced, to compete with Chinese worker abuses, to earn a living.

A Chinese worker makes in a month roughly what I pay my workers for a day. The ruthless competition for a job there is not present here, in most cases. America has a huge safety net, tossed out by big brother. While it seems to many people like the humanitarian thing to do, it has not worked. America cannot maintain this collision course with ruin.

I am bothered that I cannot pay my workers more. Well, duh, if that is what my competition is doing, then I am stuck. I cannot ask my workers to get better. They are not perfect, but we work toward that every day. I have no doubt that my workers can perform at the level of the Chinese worker, or better (as I suspect).

OK, so can we conclude that this is not the fault of the workers or business owners here?

At this point, people immediately start pointing fingers at big brother. That is fair, I guess, but big brother’s response is ludicrous at best.

What is Big Brother doing?

The American government is actually borrowing trillions of dollars from China to finance their greedy overexpansion of the American empire. Of course, you do not kick the gift horse in the mouth. We are forced to turn a blind eye to this inequity of human rights, because we are paid off. Follow the money… Why else would big brother not address this problem? Well, OK, stupidity is another likely cause.

These economic stooges think that giving huge welfare to our people is the solution to the problem, or do they just want to own as many Americans as they can for power’s sake? Well, while it may be the only option to idiots who run this mess or those who “benefit” from the meager handout, it is the worst solution to the problem. Along with stealing our money to give to the multi-industrial complex to go murder innocent people abroad, this has left us $16T in debt nationally.

When the minimum wage in China is 55 cents, and the federal minimum wage here is $7.25, we have a big problem.

What are People Here Doing?

I cannot stress enough that a hand out does not work. A leg up is always the answer. When people get things for nothing, they inevitably develop an attitude of entitlement. As soon as we become lazy and unwilling to work, we need to correct our course.

I am not saying our people can’t rise to the occasion. I’m just saying that they have no reason to do that, now. Unemployment and welfare beat the heck out of hard labor at low wages. It is just reality. If you think about it, though, it is obvious that this is not the answer.

So, that is the American reality. Everyone just throws up their hands, then extends them to big brother. That does yield some meager subsistence, I guess, in most cases. However, what is the inevitable trend line of that? As more and more Americans leave their fates in the hands of government, we will eventually face the grim reality of every other totalitarian state.

What are People Not Doing?

We are not forcing the solutions on our leaders. We have made a few weak, futile stabs at boycotting Chinese goods. However, WalMart is hardly hurting from it. Sam Walton’s heirs are all in the richest few Americans alive, and I doubt that we know the half of it. The problem is that Americans feel so disillusioned when they do try and get no help from others.

Can Anything Solve This Mess?

Clearly, this is the issue of my lifetime. America has fallen from the preeminent manufacturer to an also ran. There are many causes of this.

To some part, Americans aspire to something greater. However, without entry level jobs, there are no companies for Americans to work up the ranks.

Lee Iacocca did save Chrysler by employing a “buy American” strategy, so we know that there was still a national pride in America, then. We do need to modernize that movement, and we need to launch it again.

Occupy WalMart

This needs to be handled by we the people getting together with an unstoppable passion to correct the problem. Maybe the Occupy movement is/is not the right place for this, but what about the Tea Party? What are they doing, except trying to get Ron Paul as President, if they are even settled on that? While that is critical, he will need our help, if he is elected, right?

Maybe the Tea Party should take a page from their book and Occupy WalMart. We could protest their Chinese goods. While I hate to hurt the poor Chinese workers who suffer immensely already in their unimaginable conditions, their plight won’t get any better just by us destroying American hopes and dreams. As with any other people in the world, I welcome them here with open arms. We will treat them better than that.

We need to publicize the reality of this situation and elicit support. While a protest is a good way to generate awareness of the problem, if I were the Waltons, I would want advance notice. Creating enemies unnecessarily is not the best tactic.

We could let people know what choices they are now making. We could list the Chinese goods in the store and ask that they boycott them, as they enter the stores. Then, we could ask that people let us examine how they did, as they leave the stores. We could release the names of American goods supporters on the internet in each community. This movement would take hold, for sure.

It will not be the baby boomers who fix the problems, although they can really help with the process. The problem is that they built up a super isolated society, where people are afraid to speak up collectively. It gets so confrontational sl fast. Big brother likes it that way, and that is why they train the police to act so violently against isolated people. The protest movement is the only way to change this all. The power of the people can only be exercised as a group.

Frankly, I would far more want to see American manufacturing and retail return than to see more banks and brokerages.

Big businesses are ruthlessly competitive, and they will not take kindly to these actions. Still, I want to see our youth do as we did when we were their age. We told the status quo to get f)@^ed. We didn’t have anything to lose, we thought. Martyrs were formed like Dr. King, but that should not be necessary if we all band together. The difference this time should be that the baby boomers know that the youth are totally justified in being pissed off at us. We let them down totally. It is time to work together as a group, not as an isolated bunch of scared rabbits, hiding behind our 8’ privacy fences.

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