Mitt Romney – Job Creator for America?

Mitt Romney’s Jobs Plan for His Administration


What Romney Actually Proposes

Romney works around the edges of job creation, but it is true that he has no jobs plan for his administration. He actually has plans for labor , energy, tax structure, regulation, trade, energy, human capital and fiscal policy. While some of these categories could have jobs impact, there is no concrete evidence of that in the plan language.

In fact, I would argue that his fiscal policy plan federal spending cuts, of between $1T and $.5T, would reduce employment by between a million and a half million – lost jobs in America. The slight tweaks, he hints at, would not be able to absorb these job losses.

Why Does Romney’s Jobs Plans Matter

This is the pivotal claim that Romney makes. He claims extensive experience in creating jobs. Well, I have, too. Even I have a jobs plan for America, and I am not running for President of the United States.

We have seen, over past administrations, that the promises made in the campaign are hardly understated. In Fact, the majority of the campaign promises are never fulfilled. I see no reason to believe that Romney is any different. He is, after all, the second generation politician, raised with that very mindset. His dad even killed America’s fourth largest automaker. I might call that the forerunner of the massive competition from abroad, that has caused millions of good jobs lost.

Where Do I Find Romney’s Jobs Plan

Appropriately, you can find it at
I do encourage you to read it cover to cover. It is actually very short. However, I don’t think that the pivotal aspect of a run for the president should be brief, unless it is brilliant. This plan is far, far short of brilliant. Rather, it will not work at all.

Instead, America will find itself with more than the current 14 million unemployed. The resultant ripple effect of those several hundred thousand lost jobs will push us deeper into recession or depression, whatever you choose to call it.

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