Did You Heed the Warning?

As a youth, I really followed my idealistic dreams. As life went on, problems and pains whittled away at those commitments I made to myself. Did you have a progressive deterioration of the passion that fueled your early years? If so, it is never too late to make a difference with your efforts.

Our country needs us like never before. The future of our children and their children depends on how we finish the race. I love my country and the great people who came before us and gave us the unprecedented opportunity to pursue our dreams.

Please rekindle those idealistic days that we shared as rebellious leaders of the 60s and 70s. There may have been a problem with the methods we chose to chase our dreams, but there is honor in rejecting the corruption and prejudice of our leaders who chase selfishness. There was no shame in that, and we showed each other the power of our determination to right wrongs. Why did we quit when the job was barely begun? What in the world were we thinking while we sat idly by and let those we trusted ruin our great nation?

Passion is the only essential ingredient of true success. So many are counting on us. Let’s correct the horrible mess we made of our great country. Take off the pretender outfit and put on the armor of righteousness before it is too late. Seize the opportunity to make a difference.

I encourage my young friends to chase your dreams, not money or fame. Live your life like it is a chapter in the Bible. After all, it isn’t a book of fairy tales, and Jesus promised us that we can do greater things than Him. It is never too late for my older friends to do the same.



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