Today, a great lady from my neighborhood rejoined her husband forever. He, too, was an inspiration to many here. Left with the pain, while she rejoices in the presence of Almighty God – rejoined with the love of her life, I can’t help but recall this song.


As I spend quiet time with Him tonight, I reflect on the lives of many who are no longer here for me to draw my strength. I also grow to greater appreciate my wonderful friends and family. The silly troubles of my days fade far away. The familiar tears of joy, or pain or something flow. Hope replaces sadness for a while, anyway.

Surely, this song reminds me of the fleeting time I have left here, too. I vow to make these precious moments count more than ever.

Work will not matter in eternity, and the money accumulated will be burned away as nothing, at best. Rejoice in the Lord Jesus, for it is through Him that we have eternal life of untold, unimaginable riches. Let’s all join together with the great couple from my neighborhood. They would surely want it that way. They are dancing through the heavens in eternal bliss. Hallelujah.

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