Julie Lecocq


“I want to be the hands and feet of Christ here on earth.”  I can tell you that her desire to say this overwhelmingly exemplifies her life. No few words encompass her quite like that. Break down the life and teachings of Jesus and know Julie.

Jesus launched the Great Commission. Julie spreads the gospel to the world. She may be humble, soft spoken and sweet; but she is a jet full of rocket fuel near a raging fire for the Lord. As a wife, mother, disciple or founder of ITMH, Jesus’ way is the only way.

Jesus cast out demons. That scoundrel is just Goliath in David’s sights to her. Julie puts God first. She has more than enough talent and drive to be campaign manager for the Vote 4 God party.

Julie’s a roaring lion against sin, and a gentle lamb of compassion for the needy. She obeys Jesus by helping the needy. As a result of many years of earnest prayer, Julie was led to utilize her experience, which includes business management and problem solving skills, talents and creativity to be an encourager and provide support services to ministries.  In the Master’s Hands (ITMH), has helped the needy for fifteen years. She cries for those she serves, and very day runs out the way it starts – with Julie using her Bible to engineer a better system for helping more.

The list of organizations, people and causes she has taken under her wing are impressive. It’s easy for a husband to love and support his wife. Selfishly, I could hope you ignore these words, but her family gets more than enough.  Nothing will stop her relentless drive to make the world a better place. Jesus’ heart and her heart for serving others merged.

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give”. This quote by Sir Winston Churchill is one of her favorite quotes.

If you want to get or give a helping hand, I hope to see you along the narrow path.

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