Gary Lecocq

I think we all got in this for the same reason – we wanted to help those in need. Only later did we learn the problem. While we all agree on the problem, where do you find the solution? After thousands of hours of research, I didn’t find the answers. Actually the problem has gotten worse.

ITMH has spent over seventeen years working on the problem. Still, 85% of all nonprofits do not make it five years, and 75% of all Executive Directors want a new job. Is it the poverty that is killing them or the apathy of society toward them? It is easy to fix the problem in a business. I spent 30 years there, and their clients pay them for their services. Nonprofits pay their clients.

How has the problem affected ITMH? Well, so far we gave up a house, tens of thousands of dollars; and well , it is hard to say that we never look back. Like you, though, it is our commitment to fix the problem that keeps us here. We are so blessed not to know of one of our clients that did not realize that commitment will win out. No client we know of failed to make it five years. In fact, not one client has given up.

I promise to give you the magic bullet as soon as we get it. We are getting closer, and I am confident that we will have it soon. I guess I am disappointed that it hasn’t been any easier.

Please read through the results of our thousands of hours of research. It will help, honest. You may be wondering how a consultant can say they don’t have the answer. Well, do you really think anyone does yet?  Gary1

Gary Lecocq is a true disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He strives to serve God with every thought, every word and every action.  He has tremendous passion to provide practical solutions to complex problems.

He is an accomplished businessman with 25 years at the world’s largest corporation, where he handled a multi-billion dollar account. It would take hours before you could drag that information out of him, though.  If you heard the marketing campaigns that he spearheaded, they would ring loud and clear – as you recognized them from your younger years.

Gary’s ability to give sound advice on an organization’s development is not just book knowledge.  He helped over 100 businessmen grow to multi-million dollar organizations.  One of those previous clients recently commented, “to this day we use the same strategies you implanted here.  There was no reason to change anything, they just kept working”.

Gary has the experience and success to back the business strategy he provides. He has an amazing ability to discern and obtain a solution that is a win/win solution for all involved.   His ability to mediate a situation is incredible because he is a true peacemaker.  He stands on the outside of the situation and is able to give a wealth of wisdom.   If you are looking for solutions to generate income, his unique business principles can be applied to any organization.   These are sound, proven success business principles from a man of Godly integrity and character.


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