To All Americans

I doubt if you have taken the time to actually review and assess America’s financial disaster. No media has given you anything close to an accurate picture; and politicians are hiding the facts from you, so you can’t be blamed. Again, these seem like strong statements, but after working on the 2011 budget, I am convinced of it. I hope you are not surprised that the government does not want you to realize the magnitude of the problem. Their jobs depend exclusively on your ignorance. If you are willing to take a few minutes to get informed, you will know exactly why in a few minutes.

There is some hope. This is the first time since 1974 that the President’s budget did not pass Congress. Isn’t that sad, though, that Congress has essentially been a rubber stamp mechanism for the President, for almost four decades? Hopefully, you realize that Congress is just passing temporary extensions through March 4, 2011 to keep big brother fed. So, don’t worry about that. Believe me, there are plenty of other things to be worried about.

I believe in keeping promises. America has promised social security, Medicare and veterans benefits to our citizens. I do not believe that we the people can support taking money from those programs.

When you see what it will actually take to balance our budget, you will revisit that statement, I promise you. I have thought long and hard over this already. So, I will say more on that after you review the actual budget.

Here are the assumptions on which my budget is prepared.

First, the government projects revenues of between $2.1T and $2.5T, depending on the point they are trying to make. Yes, that is absurd, but true. Regardless, it is just a projection. I have cut those revenues back to $1.85T in this exercise because these budget cuts would reduce revenues.

Think carefully about the actual number of dollars here. Often, we do not comprehend the magnitude of dollars when we look nationally. We all know what a hundred dollars is. For example, the National Resources and Environment Department, which shows the deepest cut of 94%, still has $2,537,000.00. They can spend a thousand dollars 2537 times in a year or $10 thousand dollars a work day on programs, not counting employee expense.

This exercise is not designed to say how much I would cut each individual department. Instead, this table shows the amount of cuts necessary just to balance our budget. Of course, wise people would have to be involved to determine what stays and what goes. My Facebook friends list could handle this job with ease.

So again, I have decided that the answer to just balancing the budget is not to rob social security, Medicare or veterans’ benefits. I believe that the people who worked, earned and saved through these programs are not the problem. We need productive workers as citizens whenever possible. Those who worked to save should be rewarded. It is the bureaucrats that we trusted to serve us that created this mess, and they must now be held to account.

The departments that you see cut 90% or so have no promise to operate this year. They have cumulatively put America in a position of 23% real unemployment (if you need that math, please just let me know, as this will be too long already), huge inequality, foreclosures, a conservative $14T deficit and businesses toppling from excessive regulations. When your performance is failing, you lose your job. Many of us have had to innovate ways to become entrepreneurs, unable to get hired. When the government workers are laid off, I must say that they deserve this character building exercise that so many of us have mastered. I will pray for them, as I truly sympathize. Believe me, this is not about being cruel and vindictive against our neighbors, friends and families.

Rather, this is about partially realizing how bad the situation really is. I have not found one word about the seriousness of this situation. How can we possible create a budget surplus to pay back our debt if we can’t first have the dedication to just balance our budget?

All the table numbers are in thousands. So, again, think about the magnitude of these numbers. The table numbers all represent the number of thousand dollar bills.

So, here is what will happen. We will ignore this. We will rack up trillions of dollars in additional debt. Then, China will cut off our funding, and no other country will step up meaningfully since our allies are in the same boat already. The Fed will gladly print more money until our currency is even more worthless than it probably is already. Then, America will wake up, but it will be far, far too late.

First, they will want to take away your social security and Medicare. Do you actually think the government will willingly fire themselves?

I am determined to get these departments eliminated or heavily downsized. They produce little to nothing. If they do produce something of value, then the laid-off government workers can form a company, and we will buy their products and services. The market must regain control.

It is just a matter of time until we will face this crisis. Now, TODAY, is the best time to do it. We would have to throw all veterans’ benefits away to balance the budget in just two years from the interest we will pay on new debt, if we do not balance the budget this year.

For years, I have done this exercise. I am amazed how much worse it gets each year. It is so obvious that government is protecting its turf. No one wants to get laid off and have their job eliminated. This wouldn’t have been so bad a few years ago. Now it is critical, though, so I hope you will act decisively to stop the madness.

So what can you do?

1. Make your own plan for fixing this. Check my numbers and assumptions, so you realize that this is the real truth. Don’t forget how serious this is.
2. Call your representatives and tell them what you want done.
3. Tell everyone you can. Believe me, it’s not so bad after you do it a few times.
4. Recall this information whenever you hear federal budget and spending news.
5. Vote for Ron Paul in 2012, and know the record of your representatives. Note that this is not necessarily the opinion of  In The Masters Hands, but only the opinion of the writer. Vote out any pork barrel spenders who represent you.
6. Pray

Remember that the deficit we will have, when we just balance the budget, is conservatively $14,000,000,000,000.00. What I am insisting on here in no way gets us out of our current trouble with this immense debt. Act now!!!

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