Gee I Wonder

Whether Obamacare can in fact be defeated or whether America as I have always known it will fade into mediocrity…

OK, cool, the senate will vote up or down on Obamacare today. Some old school spendaholics will vote for its implementation. It is absolutely imperative that every single anti-American senator who votes against repeal is voted down no later than their next election. There is no way that we can even afford to keep the levels of spending we have been foolishly doing.

That is not to mention the unconstitutionality of this outrageous theft of American liberty. Like the latest judge that ruled it unconstitutional said, next it will be forcing us to eat broccoli. Thank you, I’d rather eat broccoli.

America is on life support now. We need immediate cuts in spending, not pending massive increases; and this is the top priority (followed by military spending). I will try to post the senators we need to kick out of office after the vote.


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