Four More Years?

No way. I can’t stand that much torture. If you read this, know that this should be classified a rant. Obama will deliver his state of the union address soon, and you can recall this, then.

Note that ITMH does not specifically endorse this position, but rather, it is the opinion of the writer.

To show that this not a party issue, remember that our country was so stupid that George Bush got two terms. So, don’t think that Obama can’t get another four years to torment us, too. It won’t be easy to stop him.

First, that idiot gave us his best shot as President of the United States – bailouts, wars and record deficits. That’s sad, but true. That was the Democratic agenda. Now, I can just hear a lot of my progressive friends saying, “there he goes again. He hooks us in with a condemnation of Bush, now he wants to get partisan on us.” No, the facts speak for themselves. If you disagree with my assessment of the first two years of Obama’s term with a friendly Congress, then state your case. This is a blog, you know, for that reason.

Now, though, Obama does not have carte blanche to just spend our money on whatever evil scheme he wants, like the ongoing war on terror boondoggle. There is no justification for the war on terror. It was done to stimulate the American economy, period. Be sure that Republicans will not deter military spending. That would be downright Democratic. Wait, what is going on here? Yes, the only difference between parties now is what they will spend future Americans’ money on.

Now, Obama will try to suck us into his ‘competitiveness for America’ lie. All Obama wants is four more years. His commitment to America is so questionable that many rumors persist, because he does not use his power to set the record straight.

He blew several trillion dollars, and it did nothing but indebt your grandchildren’s kids. Our economy did not even give a short term blip. Yes, the banks did go buy stocks with their bailout funds, so your 401K looks better. He has economic advisors who know history. People vote their 401K balances. So, look out for the next crash. Don’t get too greedy, and remember bonds. They will be paying big interest when this next round of immense inflation hits soon.

So we will now be asked to pony up for some competitiveness boondoggle. Say “no way!” Scream it at the top of your lungs. Throw any expletive that does not take the Lord’s name in vain in, too, if necessary. Make your voice heard. This is just a way to spend your great grandchildren’s kid’s money. Be sure that Obama knows who the Republicans’ lobbyists are. He will try to get them to go along to spend several more trillions. Why?

The more that is spent in America, the better the economic reports are short term. Short term reports are believed by Americans who are not economists. There is a long term side, of course. Politics as usual has put us $14T in debt. Oh, that is just the federal figure. It is way more than that if you factor in the state, local and personal debts. Wait, folks, this is America, isn’t it?

That is Economics 101. War is good for only one thing, and that is stimulate spending. These particular expenditures have been known for decades to be the best economic stimulus for today. It is also known to accomplish nothing for the country but get a lot of debt for the future. What would unemployment look like if we truly cut government and the military? Let’s see them do that. Yeah, right, sure. Believe me, these politicians are all scrambling to twist some pack of lies that you will buy. They arrived at “competitiveness”.

So, why not competitiveness? Well, if Obama had done that out of the box, I would have said it is better than Bush. However, he has not earned the right to represent us by spending trillions more on the Republican agenda. While the competitiveness spending will indeed create jobs and stimulate the economy, it is done selfishly by the Republicans with their big business hands in our pockets. Believe me, big business will spend like no tomorrow, if we unleash the unbelievable regulatory burden that our government has increasingly placed on them. If we want to stimulate our economy, we need to cut government. Remember, that is what we said in the last election two months ago. Don’t forget or ever again get complacent. That is how we got in this mess.

Ok, so we can stimulate the economy and cut government by cutting government regulation meaningfully. Yes, absolutely. So, let’s let the marketplace rule, not the government.

We need to shout, “cut spending, period.” I laugh at progressives who tout more and more federal borrowing to spend helping others. Well, what about the innocent future generations of Americans who will have to pay for our out-of-control, spendaholics in Washington, the state capitols and city halls? Seriously, friends, do you care about them? I have much, much more compassion for them than I do for perfectly capable Americans that we have not found a way to convince to jump in the economy both feet. There are a lot of us who are helping others, because we were smart enough not to be broke yet, and we truly care enough to give away our hard earned money to help those who are truly in need.

Liken the American economy to your own financial picture. When you are borrowing and spending, things look great. However, you soon find that excessive borrowing yields excessive repayments with interest. Soon, bankruptcy occurs. Do not kid yourself. The exact same outcome occurs at the macro level. Look at Europe, California and Illinois to see. America’s day of reckoning is here. It is not around the corner. Our deficit now stands at $14 thousand thousand thousand thousands. Stop, and be sure you can actually conceive of how much money that is…

That doesn’t count the fact that the Fed has rendered our currency worthless anyway, by printing money with no backing. Well, I guess we will at least be ‘O beautiful for spacious skies’.

When we are paying interest on that and repaying instead of borrowing, the pain will be immense. The longer we wait, the less competitive our economy becomes, thus, the less of a future we hand down to future generations. The progressives who think this is OK are the least responsible Americans in history, I think. They are screwing all future generations of Americans, and that is unconscionable to me. How is that compassionate? Who would tolerate anyone intentionally going out and robbing people. Well, if you won’t pay back these debts, you are doing that to all future Americans who will be saddled with this.

This election sent a message – cut government and government spending. If we don’t enforce it, though, it will be lost. Be certain of that! Get some guts, Americans, and pay back this debt by forcing our elected officials to do this. We incurred it, and we need to be decent enough not to pass it on to our future generations. Say “screw you” to Obama and the Republicans’ competitiveness BS.

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