The American Government Thinks We Are Stupid

There is no other explanation for why they continuously say crazy things to the American people. However, since they continue to get away with it, they just continue to do it. Government has ruined the America founded on the Constitution. We stand for nothing as a country anymore, so we fall for anything.

My crap detector goes off at almost every speech that President Obama or his economic advisers make about the American economy. That is not a partisan statement, since President Bush and his administration were just the same. Politicians always campaign for one thing and do the opposite. Did President Obama say he would spend several trillion dollars and put America in the position as the largest debtor nation in history. Did he tell you either that he would force you to buy health care or buy it for anyone who couldn’t afford it? Did he say he would pat us down at airports to keep us safe, etc?

Take the speech today. President Obama was touting his terrific work with the Chinese. He is grasping for news that can turn around his miserable, sinking opinion polls. It may or may not be coincident that today, the House of Representatives passed an overwhelming (somewhat bipartisan) repeal of Obamacare health care deform.

Anyway, back to the Chinese who hold much of the American national debt…

Here is an excerpt of an Associated Press report from the speech that President Obama gave about the economic “good news” from his meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao, “He said the newly announced business deals worth $45 billion — which include a highly sought-after $19 billion deal for 200 Boeing airplanes — would help create 235,000 U.S. jobs, in addition to the half-million U.S. jobs already generated by the United States’ annual $100 billion in exports to China.”

Doesn’t that sound terrific? Can you believe that we just increased our total exports to China by 45 percent?

Here is the reality of it. If a $45B investment would yield 235,000 jobs, then what would a $3T investment yield? I use the $3T figure as a very low figure for what your government has “invested” of your money in creating jobs (as they say it). Be sure, the figure is closer to $5T, but it doesn’t matter to the point I’m making. A $3T investment would create 15,666,667 jobs using the relationship of $45B creating 235,000 jobs.

So, how does that sound to you? Pretty good?

Well, the government reports that the American unemployment is 14.5 million people. So, how do you feel about your government now? If China can figure out how to completely end our unemployment for half what we paid, while giving us only a tease, why do we have these clowns running our government who essentially created no new jobs with somewhere around a $5T spending frenzy of your money? I won’t even go much into the not-so-curious fact that these airplanes closely resemble military spending. Yes, these types of “investments” do yield strong short term economic results, and I have long contended that wars are only fought for economic purposes anymore.

Finally, anyone who thinks that the combination of President Obama and China will help America out, then I guess these glowing reports are for you. In the same article, the counterpoint was, “U.S. manufacturers assert that China undervalues its currency by as much as 40 percent, making its exports cheaper at the expense of those from the United States, contributing to high U.S. unemployment.” Could this possibly be explained by the fact that China has rapidly grown to be the major financier of our $14T national debt? We don’t want to put the squeeze on them in this instance, huh?

This is the type of sleight of hand that is used constantly in destroying our economy and the future of our citizens. It is one thing to be incompetent, but it is another thing to blatantly misrepresent the truth for political purposes. This little social event with the Chinese leadership and ours is a typical boondoggle that just keeps us on our path to national bankruptcy. This one incident does not prove that our leaders lie to us, I am the first to admit. However, I try to watch and read daily about the woes of America, and this is typical of the news of the day.

The purpose of this article is not to belittle anyone. I am really trying to encourage you to monitor our government, if you don’t already. Our founding fathers made it clear that government should not be trusted. It is up to us all to run our country’s affairs, but we have not adequately done that. Study the Constitution and the Bible, and stay strong for freedom and liberty in America. God bless you and America.



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