You Raise Me Up

Our nonprofit, In the Master’s Hands, has always stayed true to the concept that people do not need a hand out, but a leg up. Nothing is accomplished by handouts, at least not in the long term. We need to get each other going hard in the right direction.

I realize that many people struggle to find the right way. However, I simply apply the proven principles of the Holy Bible to be the right direction. If the Bible does not say it, then I do not support it. There is no reason to wonder what is right, when it is all there for us in the Bible.

We cannot raise people up by doing their job for them. There are notable exceptions, and those are the elderly and disabled. They are our responsibility, period; but that is not the problem with America today. Frankly, we do not thrive by caring for the needy. We thrive on the backs of the strong who have historically performed great work for America. Get the government out of their way.

We need to stop empowering our government, though, to give away the money of the ones who have it to the ones who don’t. Neighbors are the best solutions for the needy. Neighbors won’t subsidize some lazy bum, but they are glad to assist the needy.

We have to do a way better job of getting everyone involved in making America better. Passing the buck has failed miserably.


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