The Holy Spirit Lives There

Often, I ponder how in the world our country will survive the immoral, selfish plundering of our country by our leaders.

I often write of the immense destruction caused by the unconscionable policies and programs from Washington and our state and city capitals.

In a sense, I consider myself fortunate to have watched the downfall of many major cities in our great land. I lived in Detroit ten times. My eyes were wide open as I saw beautiful stained glass windows and rare wood carvings just smashed and burned. I rode the bus downtown from our secluded lakeside home to downtown Detroit, and I saw things that are still hard to believe. Certainly, the immorality of the people is a culprit, fueled by an incompetent administration of government and industry during that period.

I got to see up close other downfalls, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio among them. Once great manufacturing complexes were dismantled by stupid politicians, lazy workers and incompetent business leaders. Other countries wanted it more, and they beat us – albeit not exactly fair and square.

As an economics geek, I was totally amazed at what was happening. Nero was fiddling while Rome burned…and worse. I could not understand that our people sat silently glued to liars in the media who sugar coated it all. I never could have imagined how much worse it got EVERY year. As that compounded, the magnitude was incomprehensible, given the parameters that were laid out to me in my education as an economics major at Indiana University.

Things have amazingly gotten worse. There are literally no words to describe how awful it has gotten, from the perspective of an economist. Please note that there are only a few true economists. Those in the Federal Reserve, Wall St and Washington are paid liars, not resembling economists whatsoever. They have been for decades. Trillions of dollars have been funneled to these people. Get That? Yes, they accomplished the greatest robbery in history. Nothing will ever again compare. It simply can’t.

When will they be caught? Here is the beautiful part of the story. God never sleeps, and His Holy Spirit is here right now. This is simply a part of His perfect plan. These crooks have already been convicted, but even they can be pardoned. Don’t count on them repenting, though, as they think they really have a lot. By our standards today, they do.

The only question is whether you want repayment. God offers you streets of gold. Why streets of gold? Because in heaven, gold is just a common commodity. God is there. That is the true treasure. He created it all and knew it all before He created anything, but the point is that He created it and knew it. This is all just a dry run for the really big excitement to come in heaven.

Read your Bible. Pray. Reach out to those who need you. Above all, love Him with all your heart, soul and mind. Love each other just exactly as you love yourself. Those are minimum standards. Don’t shoot the messenger. Yes, your Bible does tell you that. It is no joke. God is perfectly holy, and He has every right to demand that little bit from us. How about not trying to get a C in life, but getting an A? Why not go for a standing ovation from Jesus Himself for your service here to Him? Love others – all others – more than you love yourself. Live like your life will be a Bible chapter. o/

Do that and the greatest treasures of all will be yours. Trillions of dollars will have no worth where God is. It will all be given to you free of charge.


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