Land of the Free

One day, when looking back with all the facts, America of our day will not even be close to described as the land of the free. Did you know that the Romans of the Caesarian era described themselves as free, too. Only in retrospect could they be correctly categorized as totalitarian and barbaric as they actually were.


Propaganda is an amazing phenomenon. It has repeated itself over and over. Indeed, America was founded by courageous and brilliant men who refused to bow down to an oppressive government.

However, little by little, America has repeated the familiar march to despotism. Every successive day, government has grown and prospered in America to grab more of our freedom. So many Americans have been blinded to its real mission by propaganda, just like the ancient Romans.

I believe that the American government artificially manufactures crises, so that Americans will fear and cower only to grow more stupidly loyal to the American military machine, just like the ancient Romans.

Time will tell. Americans are waking up, though. I have not seen such disdain of government since the hippies. Nothing has come close in 40 years. This is an exciting time to be an American. Every generation is now punctuated by rebels against the American status quo. The only question is whether we will unify behind a return to freedom or remain puppets of a violent administration that has ruined our country.
We have slept peacefully under the guise of military intervention, and it has broken our country, militarily, economically and socially. How could Americans stand by and allow this? It was easy – ignorance and possibly even stupidity. The Constitution has been trampled into just a piece of paper.

Now is the time for us to rally together to rise against this totalitarian government that masks as a democracy. All generations must unity to reform our country to the ideals on which it was founded. Baby boomers and their parents should hand our heads in immense shame for the mockery we have made. Baby boomers and their offspring must lead us back to the greatness of America past.

God bless America.


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