Insanity Is Doing the Same Things Over and Over and Expecting a Different Result.

Einstein was no dummy, huh? I guess the question is whether we learned that lesson or not.

So often, I see insanity being practiced, even being perfected. There’s one for you – perfected insanity. What makes change so difficult? I think it is a combination of a number of factors. All those factors are just essentially the principles of successful living. Discipline, learning, morals, commitment and practice are some factors that influence making good choices.

One of my favorite insanity pleas is that we need to be patient for change. That sounds crazier than the initial insanity that resulted in that idiotic defense of insane habits that don’t work. Why would you want to be patient with stupid things?

I think government and churches are places where insanity is most likely to occur. Business is the least likely place to find it. This is because the marketplace has a built in mechanism for punishing insanity. People just stop buying. Government has learned to impose itself on us through the myriad of laws my generation allowed. Church twists the Bible to coerce members to follow along. These two institutions have much in common. We are prone to trust them, so we take a lot for granted.

We need to take measures as a country to return to a better system, while we make real improvements in the basic framework. We need to know the Constitution and the Bible. We need to really follow them carefully. Follow the leader is really a silly game, isn’t it?


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