Live Like Life is a Bible Chapter

Recently, Pastor Francis Chan challenged me to live my life with the intent to make my story fit with the Bible. Immediately, I determined that this was the secret to life. Yes, I am now determined to try to have a life that would fit with the stories in the Bible.

In fact, the Bible was not written by men, but by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit compels us as believers in Jesus. If the Holy Spirit was responsible for the whole Bible New Testament, couldn’t it compel you to greatly serve our Holy God?

I think that we often are misled to believe that the Bible is some sort of super life. I see no reason for that. Jesus said we could do greater things than even He could.

So many people live for all the wrong reasons, like money, power or popularity.That is despite saying that they are Christians. Christians are supposed to live their life to please God and bring glory to His kingdom, with our reward coming later in heaven.

The Bible tells us that we live eternally, and our life here is just like a vapor. Isn’t it really most sensible to give all our heart and soul to glorify and praise God? That is what He asks us to do.


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