Make No Excuses or Apologies


Just praise Him. Don’t be cool. God does not want us to be on the fence about Him.

Why would we be? God loves us and holds us to Him, despite our ways that fall so short of His perfection. He cares for our every need within His perfect plan, even when we cannot understand the trials.

Can you comprehend God? Do you really understand who He is. He created everything ever, and He knew how it would unfold before He ever created it. Yes, that is our almighty God.

Don’t care whatsoever what other people think of your total commitment to Him. Just get it on. Hold nothing back and let everyone know it.

Don’t question yourself. Question everyone else. Remember the path to heaven is narrow, and few will arrive. We will be there in heaven, so it will be worth it. Jesus warned His disciples that they would be persecuted just for saying His name. Pay the price as it is so worth it.

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