Running a Nonprofit is Like Pulling Teeth

Getting enough money to realize your mission is paramount.

Help to increase revenue is out there!   Research driven plans can produce important results.  Fundraising, advertising, promotions and events all can work for you. We are preparing ongoing training in each of those areas of marketing. Ready, aim, fire…

The primary source of longevity in the nonprofit industry is funding. While that may be the unfortunate truth, it is reality. 85% of nonprofits fail within five years of forming. The common denominator of that is a lack of funding to fulfill their worthwhile mission.

Read the articles we are posting in the Organization Support section for a wide variety of free help, not just fundraising. We will be adding hundreds of new letters explaining the details of running a nonprofit. We certainly hope you find them useful. We have chosen a blog format for these resources, so you and others can participate in the process of teaching and learning nonprofit operations.

Standard Accounting Bookkeeping, Budgeting, Forecasting And Financial Reporting Are Not Exactly Glamorous.

However, their absence is disastrous.  No one needs the distraction and distress of an organization running wild.

Policies and procedures must be followed by employees, so make sure you follow the government’s, your board’s and above all – the Lord’s.

Clearly define your personnel policies and responsibilities. Demonstrate your commitment.

Risk Management cannot be overlooked.

After all the work you put into your mission, don’t play roulette.

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