Manage Risk

Don’t Let Risk Manage You

After all the work you put into your mission, don’t play roulette with it.

Accuracy of bookkeeping and compliance with State and Federal regulations cannot be overemphasized.   Don’t try to hide your mistakes.  If you try to fool others, you may end up the fool. 

Doing everything right is not enough. As contrary as it is to our system of justice, you are guilty until proven guilty. Let’s take for example a government audit. In the unlikely event that the government has a quota of organzations to shut down or a complaint against your organization, they will defend themselves with taxpayer funds. You will have to defend yourself at your expense. So, it is critical that you have written proof, signed by others.

Processes are critical, and you must have processes that ensure that every last regulation is followed to the letter. Do not short cut this.

Plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.


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