Grassroots Ministries of America Are Indispensible

Creating your own nonprofit takes time, passion and commitment. If you have the passion for your cause and the resources to carry it through, we will help you. Even if you have determination and perseverance, but are scarce on resources, there are ways to succeed. Skills we have mastered in our decades of management are here for the taking. We are doing this all for you for free.

We will be glad to assist you further if you contact us. To get in-depth assistance, you will probably have to participate by posting questions or comments. We want you to be blessed by reading what the Lord has shown us through our vast experiences. However, we can’t jot down everything we know. So, please feel free to let us know what we can do to help your individual situation.

We will never give away your information, but we will give away ours. We do pray that using this information will improve your service to Him. We need all our passionate servants to succeed and solve the great problems that confront us.

GBY  o/


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