General Management Wisdom

The old saying is so true that if you don’t know where you are going, wherever you are is fine.

Strategic planning of your mission will make or break you. Decisions should be measured against your mission and vision.  You do have a vision statement and a mission statement, don’t you? Balance your work and your life, giving family their due. Constantly develop your skills, programs and plans.

Be flexible, but stay committed to your mission, not your crises. Here are a few wise reminders I hang in my office to remember:

  •  Make your goals achievable, but be sure to make your goals.
  • God gave us two ears and one mouth for a good reason.
  • Things are not as they are, but as they seem to be.
  • The best management book ever written is The Bible.
  • No good deed goes unpunished.
  • A person with a Bible that is falling apart isn’t.

Leaders celebrate relationships as the core of productive teams. Resist the temptation to be grouchy. It can easily become a habit. If you have developed that personality in your business, change it immediately. Replace it with strong processes that ensure employee performance.

Honest, humble communication improves the ability of managers. Don’t allow your personality to be aloof or arrogant. More than anything, employees want the manager to be a positive role model. That is in no way meant to indicate that you should be lax in enforcement of policies and procedures. This is just mentioned so you will know the proper way to manage with wisdom.

Great champions are not born but developed through dedicated efforts. Know, then do. Never stop learning or someone will come along and be smarter. Always outwork the competition. This is a combination of working smart and working hard. If you are the most knowledgeable, work smartest and work hardest, wisdom will result and your chances are excellent for success.

Training… Beyond the obvious reasons, Why?

  • To improve loyalty
  • To improve teamwork
  • For more excited clients
  • To increase enthusiasm
  • For a more successful mission
  • For increased workplace pride


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