God Expects (And Deserves) Obedience

Know not only the commandments, but all God’s expectations of us

We are working to categorize all the lessons of the Bible. We are told that there are over 600 expectations of Christians in the Bible. However, there are only the ten commandments.

Are all commandments created equal?

Even among the ten commandments, two of them are set apart by God as the foremost important. Love God is the most important commandment. While there are so many reasons why this is true, we must get hard wired to the actual accomplishment of that. Love has a much deeper meaning than is often interpreted. Saying it is not anywhere near enough.

Love thy neighbor is the second most important commandment. There are also so many reasons in the Bible why this is true.

Essentially every biblical lesson revolves around these two commandments, and their actual realization is understood in those other 600+ expectations of us by God.

What does that mean?

Obedience of the ten commandments challenges everyone. However, righteousness actually becomes easier by understanding the other 600 or so expectations God has for our life. Understand the whole picture to achieve the goal of living to glorify Him. I never met anyone who says they do not struggle with sin. Sin is simply disobedience to God’s law which Jesus came to fulfill, not abolish. God clearly warns us that disobedience will result in eternal life in hell.

What doesn’t that mean?

Some people, and maybe most people, think some Christians are obsessed with rejection of sin to the point of self-righteousness. I don’t see that. Rather I feel that solid Christians struggle with sin, and they realize that no one innately rejects sin, except Jesus. Even He was able to experience temptation and express the difficulty. Then, He accepted all the responsibility. He offered us the intervention to the most holy of holies, God.

Salvation is not a blanket right to Christians.

ITMH tries to make this easier…clearer, but it is still difficult. That is why God made it clear that the road to salvation is narrow. The path that leads away from the Kingdom of God is wide. With a broad understanding of the Bible, it is simple to understand that concept. Don’t shoot the messenger. The Bible details the instructions necessary to the believers.

Know then Do

First, get the instructions for a godly life. The bible is the only source of that information. Many of us persevere to find better ways to simplify the stories and lessons for you. Life is way too busy and far too complicated, and it is overwhelming many Christians to become aware of God’s expectations. Far too often, churches are falling short as they struggle for the money to survive. The money becomes more important than the message. Satan has numerous openings to keep us from being hard wired for God.

Once we realize the path, we must walk it. Then, the difficulty becomes exponentially more difficult. However, if you don’t even know what you are supposed to do, then satan works through temptation to keep you disobedient. That is the wide path that leads to hell.

It is essential to know God’s expectations of us and do them. We will provide all the short cuts we can figure out, so let us know how we can help you.


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