HE IS…….

He is the rock of my salvation, the light of the morning, my glory and the lifter of my head. My fortress and strong and mighty tower, my restorer, my shepherd and the lover of my soul.
Praise God, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

He is the rose of Sharon, He is the ointment poured forth, He is excellent and understanding, altogether lovely, the lily of the valley and the showers and upon the earth. He is chiefest among ten thousand, the branch of the Lord, the headstone of the corner, The captain of the host is He.
Beautiful Jesus, we worship you Lord and you alone.

Mighty God is He, the everlasting Father. He is my sanctuary and counselor, a great light and hope for the nations, He is wonderful, marvelous, a diadem of beauty, my strength and my song. He is the rock of all ages, praise God, glory, glory, glory.

He is strength to the poor and needy, a crown of glory and a sure foundation. He is the shadow of a great rock that covers in a weary land, a river of water in a dry place. Thank you Lord, in need seek Him, get under the shadow of our Mighty God.

He is the balm of Gilead, my portion, my physician, healer and resting place. He is the hope of all people, a wall of fire and pillar of smoke, the ancient of days, prince of princes and king of kings.

There is healing in His Name. He is our only hope.

He is ruler, my ruler, my stronghold, Lord of all. He is the purifier, the potters wheel and the refiner. He is the son of David and son of man.
King Jesus, Lord and Master, we worship You.

He was the promised child and the only begotten son, He is the messenger and the author of our covenant, (someone give a shout right about now… )
He is Jehovah my God. Emmanuel, friend of sinners, a ransom, the lamb of God. He is the horn of our salvation, Christ son of the Most High God, King of the Jews, the salvation of God, the living word JESUS the CHRIST…
Can some one give Him a praise and a shout in here…….

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