Jesus Take the Wheel

Often, I find myself taking two different sides of this story. One minute, I say that we need to let the biblical truth prevail. The next minute, I say use common sense, get up and do something to fix the problem.

Today, I was arguing for our Constitution. I concluded by saying our founding fathers used the Bible to guide them.

Almost every day I sadly am against wealthy Christians who don’t do enough for the needy.

On the one hand, I’m advocating principles, morals and common sense. On the other hand, I am pushing for action. Is there really a paradox in this?

When I advocate the Bible, it is usually to get someone pointed in the right direction. After all, misdirected action is a disaster. So, first, understanding is essential. However, knowledge is worthless sitting on the couch watching TV.

Jesus left us clear examples that direct us. First, He spread the gospel far and wide. Second, He advocated helping the poor, and He was so moved by it that He performed miracles. Third, He cast out demons. All three main works of Jesus required His wisdom to direct His action.

Never stop learning. Weave the Bible with common sense to create your mission. Then apply your mission to your action plans and action steps.

If you want Jesus to take the wheel, then ask Him His will for you. Nothing is impossible for Him; but His example was to know, then to do.

Do you know His Word? Are you spreading the gospel, helping the needy and fighting sin? If so, then pray for His will to be known. Then do all you can. The world will be a better place.

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