What Is the Bible Trying to Tell Us?

It is critical to unwind all the stories of the Bible and understand the rules that God gives us for our lives here on earth. I hear one side of the story of our relationship with God all the time. I almost never hear the flip side of the story, though. Basically I hear of God’s mercy through the blood of Jesus. While Jesus did come to save us, we should remember that He said he did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it. God is very specific on the punishment for sin. Nowhere does Jesus contradict His Father, of course.

I did not write the Bible, so please don’t blame me for what I am writing in my letters to you. However, if you disagree with me, you please feel free to notify me of that, so I can point out the actual scriptures that prove these points. I sense that many Christians are not in agreement with me on my views of the true meaning of the Bible. There are many reasons why that is true, but I am simply writing what the Bible says.

This letter is only one passage. The points I make in this letter are reinforced all over the old and new testaments.

Romans 4:13-15
For the promise to Abraham or to his descendants that he would inherit the world was not fulfilled through the law, but through the righteousness that comes by faith. For if they become heirs by the law, faith is empty and the promise is nullified. For the law brings wrath, because where there is no law there is no transgression either.

God did not promise Abraham that his family tree would be the heirs to the world without explanation. In that promise, God reveals much of His plan for us. It is this relationship of faith and works that clues us in on the actual meaning of our lives, if we choose to spend them to His glory.

First, God explains that Abraham did not qualify for God’s blessings through obedience to the law. Indirectly, God also tells us that He did not grant Abraham such favor solely on faith either. So, how did Abraham earn God’s favor?

God explains the exact course of His blessings, be them earthly favor or even as it pertains to our salvation, as it is explained throughout the Bible.

God granted His favor to Abraham for his righteousness that comes by faith. Thus faith produced Abraham’s righteousness. The correct progression of that earned God’s blessings on Abraham. As with all Biblical stories, they are written to teach us. We are to first have faith, then that will produce righteousness. If there is no righteousness, then what faith is there?

This passage goes on to explain that obedience to the law (righteousness), alone, would not qualify for God’s favor, since faith was missing.

However, we must not miss that God’s wrath is brought upon disobedience through the law. God is very serious about obedience and righteous action. The penalty of sin is hell. To count on salvation when sin is repeated over and over is simply not biblical. This is not said out of arrogance, but out of the words of the Bible itself. Note that this passage says that the law brings wrath. Other passages throughout the Bible are far more specific on this severity of obedience to God’s law.

By our faith in God, we are able to act with righteousness. Both faith and obedience to God’s law are the point of the Bible. We must have both, starting with faith.

Do you have faith? Have you considered that that alone would earn your favor with Jesus? Can you now see that righteousness is also required?

Do you think that your righteousness will earn Jesus’ intervention for you? Can you see that you must have faith?

Practice your faith and love for the Lord. Then, you will be convicted rightly that you should act according to God’s law. More faith will produce more integrity.

Understand the life of those who do not understand this important principle. Their vicious circle of disobedience will erode their faith. Help those who are lost with their faith, and that will cause a spirit of agreement with God. Please let us know if we can pray for you and yours.

May you receive my words with the spirit that I write them. I am simply writing to you as His humble servant who is interested in a full understanding of God’s Holy Word.

GBY o/


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