ITMH Prepares to Refuse Government Grants

It is sad to hear that several groups are pressuring the administration to force faith based organizations, like ITMH, to hire employees outside their faith in order to qualify for federal grants. This sounds to me a little like letting the fox into the hen house.

Actually, the whole ‘separation of church and state’ boondoggle, on which this is based, is just a false basis for this action. In fact, the first amendment prohibits the government from interfering with religion, but it does not work the other way around. Nothing in the U.S. Constitution prohibits religion from taking a part in government. This is absolutely no business of the government. It is completely unconstitutional for them to intervene.

I admit I was disappointed to see that the NAACP was a prominent advocate for this. I guess I can’t see why they would care about this issue.

The Quran commands Muslims to kill all infidels. Isn’t it a little bizarre to think that Christian organizations would really be forced to hire, say Muslims?

Well, I can assure you that ITMH will tell the government where to put their grant money if they go through with this. We have no work that a non Christian would be qualified to do. Without Jesus, the work would not be suitable for the purposes of our organization. Jesus is the one and only answer for all the problems we face.

If this edict is enacted, wouldn’t this be a little like forcing the government to hire communists. Whoops, never mind…

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