Is Prayer Illegal in America?

I am certain you think that I have lost my mind, but not so fast…

There is actually a landmark case in Florida, as I write this, trying two school officials for praying in the presence of students. I am serious! The children were not even asked to pray, by the way – not that that should matter.

I am convinced that the American Bar Association was never taught the U.S. Constitution, much less ever visited the nation’s capitol – full of religious references. After all, the American Bar Association is just a company. After 3 decades of consulting companies, I promise you that a company exists only to generate maximum profits. Why then do we allow all judges and all lawyers to belong to the same company? Is it really hard to understand that injustice will prevail? All the whole charade does is drag out stupid disputes, so the lawyers can make as much money as they can for the company (themselves).

Well, back to the story…

U.S. District Judge Margaret “Casey” Rogers put the two officials in contempt for their prayer. In this case, it is the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that is pushing the issue. Isn’t it sad that no major media is covering this story.

Three quarters of all Americans are Christians. If they knew about this, the streets would be filled with angry mobs, and rightly so. Thus, the media quietly tells us about Brittney Spears and the LA Lakers or something. If we do not stop burying our heads in the sand, we will have more troubles here than we can unwind.

God bless America, please, please Dear God.


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