Never Fear – Big Brother Knows Everything You Do Online

As I entered this post, I had my internet signal going on and off at least ten times. Coincidence…? Read this and decide for yourself.

I assume you know that the internet was a government invention. Oh, you thought they didn’t run it anymore, since it actually works most of the time? Maybe they weren’t able to efficiently spy on us, so they hired Google, Microsoft and CISCO to make it work better. Now, the government is saying that the internet is America’s ‘Achilles heel’. Still, my signal is going on and off by the minute…

So you are afraid, now? Well, don’t be. Instead, just think before you click. What, you thought we are free? OK, maybe that is stretching it, to think you just crawled out from under a rock.

Is this an invasion of privacy, if they are actually monitoring you? I am going to let you answer that for yourself.

We just want to be a site where all your clicks will make you proud. Despite spammers that routinely attack all major websites, we keep a totally clean site that honors God.

We do advise that you never do anything online that you wouldn’t want on the front page of the paper. That possibility exists.

How much truth comprises the stories of CIA, FBI, police and government monitoring is a subject none of us average Americans knows for sure.

Apparently, no one trusts the media to tell us the truth either. Pew Research just released a poll that shows only 20% of Americans feel the media is independent of powerful politicians. Only 29% of us feel the media gets the facts right. This is huge erosion in public opinion of the media.

We are certainly not trying to alarm you, but to inform you. Avoid the sinful sites on the web. Discipline yourself to apply the key lesson to learn.

Hopefully, my internet signal will come back after I finish this article.



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