What If Our Forefathers Settled

They may have been called settlers, but they sure weren’t willing to settle for less than the very best. They craved freedom. What about you? Are you willing to let others run your life?

Let God show you His will. How is that done? Pray for it every day, for sure, but that is not enough. Fight to maximize your talents. Give your all to your work. You never know how God will use that, but He can use it. He knows how valuable your individual life is, through Him.

When I present this topic, I am always tempted to replace “run” your life with “ruin” your life. I demand freedom, not just for me, but for us all. It is still our right, but hanging by a thread now. Our forefathers died for it. Jesus died for it. Are you willing to die for it, or for your cause? It is your life, and you can best determine how to put your passion into action.

Where is Patrick Henry, who screamed “give me liberty or give me death”?

That is not to say that we should pursue unworthy aims, but God uses it all for His glory. We should not ignore others in our pursuit, quite the opposite. That is a common mistake of the “pursue your Goals” camp. Jesus commanded us to help others. We just can’t please everyone, so we need to discover our own mission in life.

If you enjoy your work, you are much more likely to succeed with it, whatever your passion has motivated you to do.

Follow your heart; and God will give you the things you need, as long as it is in His will for your life.

I pray this every day, and it still works for me “Dear Lord, I give this day to you. Let every thought, every word and every action come from you. Show me your will that I can work within your perfect plan for me.” Give it a try if you like.

Perfect yourself through applying proven success principles. Always vote for God.

Luke 11:23 and Matt 12:30
“Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.”


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