Am I Ranting and Railing against the politicians again? No, I’ll get back to them later, I expect.

Rather, this is part of the description of the mission of In The Master’s Hands, as best I can explain it. Believe me, my words will fall so far short. God, I pray that I can get this across.

Well, here is what He has put on my heart…

Today, we have an unprecedented opportunity to serve our Lord. We’re failing so bad that I can’t figure out whether to be furious or just cry hopelessly. I have to struggle to find anything that tells me God is winning here in the world. Sure He has won us, but is that really what He commands us to do? …rest in His wonderful grace and mercy He gave us?

God did not put us here to fail Him. I just am not satisfied. How about you?

He needs leaders here who fail to fail. You bet I am unqualified to try, so far short that that really needs to make me cry, or be furious. No not Him. He is perfect, without blame and He gave us all that we need, to use the tools of the world for Him or AGAINST Him.


Yes, think of it this way…

My wife Julie gave me this inspiration this morning. She is an unbelievable child of our Holy God. She captured this morning’s brainstorming session so well. She said that we have the choice to vote for Jesus or vote against Him.

Nowhere is that more clear than in the greatest tool of our generation – the internet.

My dear friend, Pastor Craig, said it to me this way yesterday, and it got me thinking. He urged me to hurry and finish the reconstruction of He was fed up with putting his amazing work on It hit me hard. I have noticed that once good site getting more and more of the world. He had some satanic worship garbage on his listed videos when he reviewed his own. Gag me. You are gone, youtube. Craig is in the process of pulling all his work off there.

Get this. The highest ranking Christian website is ranked #1568. That means there are 1567 websites with more clicks and traffic. We are voting against God!!!

How is it possible that the highest ranking website on the internet is not God’s? For the past decade or so, 77% of all Americans say they are Christians. No, it’s #1567. Well, ITMH is praying for the chance to change that. We are putting together resources that God has imparted to us through our lives. We have an awesome team, and I mentioned two of them today, my wife Julie and Pastor Craig DiPasquale. We pray for your prayers.

We are only as good as the number of clicks that we deserve for you to you give us (and the clicks you take away from satan). We are only as good as the resources you help us present. God bless you!

We are in a furious scramble to assemble our resources together and put them up for you to use for free. We humbly ask that you consider your internet activity. We will be honored to give credit to His faithful followers. There are so many great online resources that glorify Him. We need to all spend our clicks on them.

What can you expect from us? We will help. That is what we do. ITMH is a fourteen year old nonprofit, simply dedicated to helping others. We do countless things simultaneously – all to glorify Him. We pray for His great organization to make us not look disorganized to you.

You will find articles, videos and audios to help you navigate life. It is tough, but He is great. He will not give us more than we can handle.

Don’t you think it’s time to stop wringing our hands and lift them to Him in holy praise for who He is? …or at least navigate our mouse to a site for Him.

It is your vote. Vote for YouTube, and vote against Him. After all, is the fourth largest website in the world. Or go to (#3), but be sure to be cool. Or how about (#2). When I see the next article praising Him on yahoo, that will be the first one. Yecch, God is spitting them all out!

Why don’t we? It is because we have no one who has stepped up and put up something that is as well done that honors Him. We humbly accept the challenge.

I promise you that if you spend your time here, you will find resources to help you grow. We have dissected the methods we have used for success and applied God’s Word to them. We assemble the best other resources we can find to help you stay on the right path – the narrow path.

We pray that you are blessed by our work. We pray that you will know that the vote to cast is a vote for Him.


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