Daily Body Self Improvement Routine

wad11A key element of individual support is properly caring for your body. This aids the brain in operating most efficiently. Here is a brief overview of steps you should take every day that will allow your body to get you the most out of every day.

o Get a vigorous physical exercise early every day. The oxygen that this stimulates in your body is a great way to have a good mood. Your energy will actually increase when you exercise daily. Also, you will have a calmer demeanor.

o Listen to music when you are not listening to your work sound. I do not recommend heavy music, even if you like that. I personally use religious music. That allows me to praise God and improve my outlook.

o Do a daily journal. I feel that a diary is a great way to put the day into perspective.

o Take vitamins, particularly if your diet is not balanced. There are countless herbs and specialized vitamins that we will cover separately.

o Take a nap. A half hour nap in the middle of the day is a great way to maximize the effectiveness of the afternoon work.

o Focus hard on your tasks. Read at close to a skimming pace in order to utilize your most concentration.

o Pay close attention to sugar levels. Try to balance your blood sugar. That varies for everyone. Don’t get a buzz or feel comatose. You can find the correct balance, then repeat the program that gets you the best results.

o Don’t overreact. When stressed, it is the best time to practice your deep breathing. By knowing to breathe deeply under stress, you will be able to react positively.

Get in the habit of doing all these things every day, even making routines of them. If that is hard for you to do, you might want to review our time management resources in the Individual Support Library.


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