Achieve Goals and Objectives

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One of the most difficult aspects of effective time management is being accountable for achieving planned results. Measurable goals are necessary to know what results are expected.

The objectives must be able to be counted. Many goals are challenging to quantify. Still, it is necessary to accomplish the necessary numbering of them. It is impossible to reach an unspecified goal. Objectives are the benchmarks that comprise the goals.

Your goals are your most important criteria of your mission to measure. If you’ve designed your goals correctly and acted on them effectively, measurement is not that difficult.

If you did what you said you’d do by a specific date, you can fairly evaluate the accomplishments. Applying this to everyday life, keeping singular focus on the accomplishment of goals is similar to keeping our promises. Either you keep them or you don’t. If you don’t make goals (or promises) in the first place, you have nothing to measure. Success becomes a slim chance, only.

Many of us are uncomfortable with this level of accountability. Not only do we repeatedly let ourselves off the hook for producing results through efficient efforts, we allow others to do the same. The lack of accountability pervades many organizations, and is an unconscious collusion that promotes mediocrity and eventual failure.

Practice of the correct methods to produce results will help. Like any area of life, the more times you repeat proper techniques, the more likely they are to create the best actions.

If measuring results isn’t your strong suit, start with picking an easy goal and achieving it. Then repeat the process until you’re hitting closer and closer to the bull’s-eye on your all your targets, including the big ones. As for promises, try this exercise to reinstate power to places in your
life where you’ve lost it:

  • Identify 1-2 places where you’re not following your own advice or slipping up.
  • Come clean about this to yourself and others, if appropriate.
  • Re-promise. Then honor the promises like your life depended on it. It does.


Prayer is a powerful part of goal achievement. Approaching prayer with the same type of sincerity as your job, relationships or your finances is critical. Just like unspecific goals will lead to disappointing results, so open ended prayer will lead to frustration with prayer. Combining specific prayer with specific actions that are goal oriented will achieve powerful results.

Prayer is a form of praise to show your love of God. Be careful not to use prayer as another step in the process of getting things. God wants to give, and showing our love for Him is only appropriate.



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