Get Out of Debt Now

It’s time to pay down debt and hunker down.

Things we barely buy (cars and refrigerators, due to government spending our money) are cheap, but the things we buy every day (groceries) are going through the roof.

This stock market is a manipulated bubble – again. It will crash at the exact time that all the manipulators (big banks, the Fed, Wall St firms) decide it will, and this crash will be huge. None of us have any clue when that is. Did we know last time? The main difference is that last time, people still had faith that the market was legitimate. The investing public all knows the game is crooked, now. Some are still boldly gathering the last profits from this.

They will run fast on the crash, and they can run faster than you. If you are in the market, remember I told you so.

My point is to discourage you borrowing on your house and car, while you invest in the stock market. That is different from day trading. If you can duck and weave, then this market is for you – only. That’s a story for another article, though.

Borrowing spends your money on interest. The asset you bought will be worth less in the future. That has always been the case for new cars. Real estate used to appreciate, but we overbuilt, overborrowed and overbought. Only a depression will get the values corrected, and most borrowers will default – again, resulting in more foreclosures. That will drive prices further down of homes and commercial properties.

The government told us they gave the banks our taxpayer money to cover those drops in value, but they gave the banks no rules to do anything. So, the banks just put that money in the stock market. That is the reason for the current stock bubble.

The only way to purchase real estate is to buy the cheapest house in the best neighborhood. Look at the school ratings to determine the best neighborhoods. Then, learn to remodel and landscape. Gut the house and build it up, landscape and do it all from dumpsters, as much as possible. If you have to borrow, do whatever it takes to pay that back. With the uncertain employment picture, it is hard to know when you can do that, though.

You will win in any economy with this program.



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