Free Will?

This is an interesting discussion, and my view has to do with the Bible’s version of this. In the Bible, God knows everything, and He knew it before anything was created. Still, He allows us to make every choice. This is hard to explain, isn’t it?

Yet, He allows us to make our own decisions totally. He intervenes with inputs to us, just as all our experiences are inputs. We have total free will or we would find ourselves speaking a foreign language or something to show that we do NOT have free will. That never happens. Even all the false prophesy is just the free will to live with mumbo jumbo. I completely discredit it, but I know some people believe it fully, too. That is just free will to choose that lifestyle or not.

The most all powerful “concept” in the universe is God, in my opinion. Yet, those who believe in Him also believe that we all have choices to make. God wants us to choose good, but He allows us to choose bad. While that is the extreme part of His presence in our lives, it carries over to everything we do. We choose it. No one can show me even one example of where I cannot choose to do or not do something. Therefore, while God knows what I will choose, I get to choose it 100% of the time.

I do believe that God influences the results of my actions some times. I also believe that God helps me do things that I could not do otherwise. That is the power of God, not controlling what I choose to do.

God knew everything before He created Adam and Eve. He has the perfect plan.
God knows what free will decisions we all will make ahead of time. That just means that He is omniscient, as the Bible says. He is not controlling of us by His choice. I think this is the best of all worlds. I can call on God for help with my actions, words and thoughts. He responds to me. However, He does not force Himself on me, in my best knowledge. If I were to choose to reject Him, He might allow that. Then, I would lose out on much of my power through His ultimate power.

Why would I want to change prophesies? I have many better things to do. If I like the prophesy, I try to make it come through. If not, I do otherwise. Wisdom comes over time, and I find that things I did not like, I now like. I believe that God is incomprehensible to such a small mind and heart as mine. I trust Him as I have faith in Him. I do not dare to question Him. If He is who He says He is, then anyone would be a fool to question Him.
Often the counterargument is that the sufficient strength of character is missing to follow God’s commands. Frankly, that shows a very weak perspective. I absolutely can and do control my motivations. I am shocked to hear that others cannot. That is not to say that I am perfect, just forgiven if necessary. Still, I bat a very high percentage, and I encourage us all to strive for better performance. Jesus is the motivation we need to work out our actions and thoughts with the Holy Spirit.

I think some people also expect God to impose Himself on us. I liken this to the prom queen in high school. She did not need to go chase down all the guys. They needed to fight over her to get a date.

The three arguments I usually get to me complete free will is dreams, motivations and mistakes. Motivation (the reason for my thoughts, words or actions) is really irrelevant to free will. Regardless of why I decide to do something, I still decide. That is what free will is. Whether or not I am motivated, I choose or I do not choose. I choose, so I have 100% free will.

I have examined my motivations, and I understand them fully. So, I have no illusion. I can ignore my motivations or not. That is still 100% free will. Again, the motivations are an interesting and related aside to the issue, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with free will.

If I did not have free will, I would be doing things out of my control. That never happens to me. Again, I think it is unfortunate that others are out of control and in the control of something, whatever it is. It just sounds like drugs to me, frankly…

However, I am not performing actions while I am asleep, so I disregard dreaming as a part of any logical discussion on free will. Other than that, I hope that my actions are based on some motivations. Yet, I am sure with all the things I do each day, some are done on reactions, not motivations. It does not matter to free will, though, I still can choose what to do in any situation.

There is and never was true freedom. there never will be. Your issue with this is just what is the truth, not all the window dressing. Once you find the truth, then you can apply all the skills to act on the truth correctly. It just takes discipline, and my 16 year old has already fully mastered it. Just focus on the discipline part of it. However, there is nothing worse than a well honed execution of the wrong plan. Literally, every major psychopath of renown is nothing more than that. First, you must know the truth. Get that wrong, and you are totally doomed, and all the people around you are destroyed. Forget all the window dressing and find the truth.

No, all my actions are not based on motivations all the time. They should be (or should be closer), but I am not perfect. Again, it doesn’t matter to the concept of 100% free will. I just have the free will to screw up and do things that I am not motivated to do, but do in reaction or whatever.

What I am trying to convey is that there are levels of action. the highest level of action is that which is carefully planned and executed according to the highest level of human good (albeit that everyone would argue what is the highest level. Of course for me it is helping others as Jesus helped others). That is what I am referring to as motivation. I have the free will to choose to do the work to set up the action, and I have the free will to follow through on my plans.

The lowest level of human behavior is the opposite which is to carefully plan and execute to hurt others. In between is something I call autopilot. I try to avoid that, too. It is just doing things without planning or thinking about them. I have the free will to change this time wasted to more planning and proper execution or to move to the lowest form of behavior.

Again, I have total free will. While three categories is an oversimplification, I am certain you can envision how everything we do has some relative position on this scale. Still, it is 100% my choice.

As to God knowing all, it is really a separate issue. I think you can best understand my point by entirely separating his omniscience from our free will. Both are just facts, but there is no reason to combine them until each fact is comprehended fully by itself.
My wants and desires are not involuntary whatsoever. I think it is weak and even scary to believe that. I totally control my wants and desires, albeit imperfectly. I have to or my behavior would be pure chaos. Anything less is just being an animal.

I think that God’s omniscience is a common sense fact. I think that the universe is far too complex to be an accident. I care to think we have a relatively decent amount of intelligence. How could man possibly put all this together and keep it together without a divine assistance? That is just your free will that concerns me – in your case. I think personally that we all will soon realize His presence and tap fully into it. That is not meant in any other than as a sincere compliment to all.

He can accept or deny me, as I have fallen short of my best. So, my free will is not ego, it is a fact. I do not have to use ego to recognize a fact, just intelligence.

All our thoughts, words and actions are controllable. Is it 100% possible to achieve that much discipline and perseverance. Yes. Jesus did it. We can come, and should come, very close to Him. The better we do it, the better people we are.


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