It’s Your Love

It’s Your Love. What will you do with it?

Love is such a multi dimensional thing.

It is truly the one and only ingredient that does make the world go around.

I wish you love, and I wish you will love. What I mean is that I think love is best understood as a verb, not a noun. Give it up, and don’t look for it to come back. I assure you that the feeling of the person who gets it is so worth the risk.

Remember God clarified life for us when Jesus made it so simple. Love the Lord God with ALL your heart, and love your neighbor AS yourself. Yes, that is all there is to it. It is so simple, so don’t make it so hard.



What If Our Forefathers Settled

They may have been called settlers, but they sure weren’t willing to settle for less than the very best. They craved freedom. What about you? Are you willing to let others run your life?

Let God show you His will. How is that done? Pray for it every day, for sure, but that is not enough. Fight to maximize your talents. Give your all to your work. You never know how God will use that, but He can use it. He knows how valuable your individual life is, through Him.

When I present this topic, I am always tempted to replace “run” your life with “ruin” your life. I demand freedom, not just for me, but for us all. It is still our right, but hanging by a thread now. Our forefathers died for it. Jesus died for it. Are you willing to die for it, or for your cause? It is your life, and you can best determine how to put your passion into action.

Where is Patrick Henry, who screamed “give me liberty or give me death”?

That is not to say that we should pursue unworthy aims, but God uses it all for His glory. We should not ignore others in our pursuit, quite the opposite. That is a common mistake of the “pursue your Goals” camp. Jesus commanded us to help others. We just can’t please everyone, so we need to discover our own mission in life.

If you enjoy your work, you are much more likely to succeed with it, whatever your passion has motivated you to do.

Follow your heart; and God will give you the things you need, as long as it is in His will for your life.

I pray this every day, and it still works for me “Dear Lord, I give this day to you. Let every thought, every word and every action come from you. Show me your will that I can work within your perfect plan for me.” Give it a try if you like.

Perfect yourself through applying proven success principles. Always vote for God.

Luke 11:23 and Matt 12:30
“Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.”


David Defeated the Underdog, Goliath

David had the upper hand in this fight

How can I say that David was the favorite, when it is routinely proclaimed David was the long shot?

The obvious answer is that David was ordained by God. However, was it simply divine intervention that prevailed?

Frankly, I find that to be a dangerous lesson to grasp. To simply pray that God will change our lives misses the point of this (and almost every other) story of the Bible. It was not an accident, surprise or upset that David beat Goliath. To understand this story requires focus on the reality of winning.

First, to understand battle, it is necessary to dissect it into its fundamental components, then analyze each. Just so you can understand what all I examined to make this bold statement, review the components of battle:

Will to win
Justice vs. Injustice
Intention to win
Knowledge of the competition
Battle components

Indeed, a battle is not just a fight. There are many components on this list. They must all be woven together to create proper battle flow to win.

Note that I Samuel 16:7 says, “Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” That precedes God even selecting David to fight Goliath, much less the battle itself. We could write infinite stories of that passage, and it is one of the most important concepts of the Word of God. In this instance, it is a warning to think this through, not just look at the surface picture.

Goliath was nine feet tall, and David was a shepherd. Looking at outward appearance, Goliath would be the odds on favorite. In that role of shepherd, though, it is told that David fought lions, tigers and bears. God knew that, of course. Those are animals that kill every day to survive, and they are well known as the most ferocious killers.

David had perfected killing the killers. It was obvious that he was victorious against them, or he would have already been killed. He had worshipped God, and God had molded him to use for this important purpose. Are you honing your skills to allow God to choose you to glorify Him for His kingdom?

David had practiced repeatedly to fight the wild animals, and his fights against them were practice to do God’s will against Goliath.

What did David actually do in the battle? First, he tossed aside Saul’s armor, and chose not to wear it. He knew that it would be useless. If he got within Goliath’s reach, he would be killed, armor or none. He knew that.

In the battle, Goliath came toward David. He mocked God, and David replied in I Samuel 17:45-46, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. This day, the Lord will hand you over to me, and I’ll strike you down and cut off your head.”

David not only exemplified immense confidence, but he also scared Goliath with showing that confidence to him in the battle. David was hardly meek or asking for mercy.

In the important tactical maneuver, David rushed at Goliath. This threw Goliath off guard because it was not the battle he typically fought. That froze Goliath, even if only for a brief moment. Do you know how we freeze when we are afraid? It is very hard to land a bullseye with a slingshot when the enemy is on the move. David seized the opportunity when he had a shot.

In I Samuel:48-49, “David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet him. Reaching into his bag and taking out a stone, he slung it and struck the Philistine (Goliath) on the forehead. The stone sank into his forehead, and he fell face down on the ground.”

Look back at the battle components list, can you now see how David was the favorite against Goliath in most or all of those components? What do you want to win? Have you done the work for God to call on you to serve Him? Are you practicing for that moment in your everyday routine? Are you voting for God? He warns that if we are not for Him, we are against Him.

God expects us to go through the work necessary for Him to use us for His perfect plan. David was a classic example that God can groom us through what seems to all to be a mundane role. If we do our work to perfection, then God is proud to show His glory through our victories. If He does not choose you, don’t let it be because you have nothing for Him to choose for victory. He chose David precisely because He knew that the humble David would win. It was not His will to embarrass David in defeat. It is not His will to embarrass you in defeat either, and it is unnecessary to consider losing if we prepare perfectly.

ITMH exists to prepare you to serve God and realize your goals. Whatever you are doing, it is important if you are in His will for you. In His timing, He has a perfect plan for you. We pray that you will use the free resources we have painstakingly prepared for you to win for Him. Vote for God. His administration is perfect.

If you think that you are the underdog, we encourage you to dissect what is necessary for you to come out of your battle the victor. Go through the list of battle components , and plan exactly what you must do to win the battles God has chosen you to fight. Then, leave it up to Him to call you at the time that He has chosen. Go into your work for Him as the favorite. Few will work hard enough to beat you.

There is so much to be done. God bless you.



Am I Ranting and Railing against the politicians again? No, I’ll get back to them later, I expect.

Rather, this is part of the description of the mission of In The Master’s Hands, as best I can explain it. Believe me, my words will fall so far short. God, I pray that I can get this across.

Well, here is what He has put on my heart…

Today, we have an unprecedented opportunity to serve our Lord. We’re failing so bad that I can’t figure out whether to be furious or just cry hopelessly. I have to struggle to find anything that tells me God is winning here in the world. Sure He has won us, but is that really what He commands us to do? …rest in His wonderful grace and mercy He gave us?

God did not put us here to fail Him. I just am not satisfied. How about you?

He needs leaders here who fail to fail. You bet I am unqualified to try, so far short that that really needs to make me cry, or be furious. No not Him. He is perfect, without blame and He gave us all that we need, to use the tools of the world for Him or AGAINST Him.


Yes, think of it this way…

My wife Julie gave me this inspiration this morning. She is an unbelievable child of our Holy God. She captured this morning’s brainstorming session so well. She said that we have the choice to vote for Jesus or vote against Him.

Nowhere is that more clear than in the greatest tool of our generation – the internet.

My dear friend, Pastor Craig, said it to me this way yesterday, and it got me thinking. He urged me to hurry and finish the reconstruction of He was fed up with putting his amazing work on It hit me hard. I have noticed that once good site getting more and more of the world. He had some satanic worship garbage on his listed videos when he reviewed his own. Gag me. You are gone, youtube. Craig is in the process of pulling all his work off there.

Get this. The highest ranking Christian website is ranked #1568. That means there are 1567 websites with more clicks and traffic. We are voting against God!!!

How is it possible that the highest ranking website on the internet is not God’s? For the past decade or so, 77% of all Americans say they are Christians. No, it’s #1567. Well, ITMH is praying for the chance to change that. We are putting together resources that God has imparted to us through our lives. We have an awesome team, and I mentioned two of them today, my wife Julie and Pastor Craig DiPasquale. We pray for your prayers.

We are only as good as the number of clicks that we deserve for you to you give us (and the clicks you take away from satan). We are only as good as the resources you help us present. God bless you!

We are in a furious scramble to assemble our resources together and put them up for you to use for free. We humbly ask that you consider your internet activity. We will be honored to give credit to His faithful followers. There are so many great online resources that glorify Him. We need to all spend our clicks on them.

What can you expect from us? We will help. That is what we do. ITMH is a fourteen year old nonprofit, simply dedicated to helping others. We do countless things simultaneously – all to glorify Him. We pray for His great organization to make us not look disorganized to you.

You will find articles, videos and audios to help you navigate life. It is tough, but He is great. He will not give us more than we can handle.

Don’t you think it’s time to stop wringing our hands and lift them to Him in holy praise for who He is? …or at least navigate our mouse to a site for Him.

It is your vote. Vote for YouTube, and vote against Him. After all, is the fourth largest website in the world. Or go to (#3), but be sure to be cool. Or how about (#2). When I see the next article praising Him on yahoo, that will be the first one. Yecch, God is spitting them all out!

Why don’t we? It is because we have no one who has stepped up and put up something that is as well done that honors Him. We humbly accept the challenge.

I promise you that if you spend your time here, you will find resources to help you grow. We have dissected the methods we have used for success and applied God’s Word to them. We assemble the best other resources we can find to help you stay on the right path – the narrow path.

We pray that you are blessed by our work. We pray that you will know that the vote to cast is a vote for Him.


Dare to Pray

It’s a shame how often some people associate the word prayer with unrealistic expectations. We’ve been conditioned to think of prayers as only possible, calling them “a wing and a prayer” or saying “she doesn’t have a prayer…”.

On the contrary, prayers are not unreal. Prayers are mental pictures given to God for His support that should inspire every worthwhile human endeavor.

Prayers contain nearly limitless power to lift us up in a world that sometimes seems determined to hold us down. Prayers have the power to let God help pull us forward in the face of adversity. Prayers have the power to sharpen our focus and fill our lives with energy and passion, which is so needed to worship Him. Prayers have the power to renew our strength and shield us from criticism and negative thinking.

But most of all, prayers have the power to remind us that the biggest accomplishments always start with the biggest prayers. To use a classic quote from Napoleon Hill: “Anything the mind can conceive and the heart can believe, you can achieve.”

Praying His Way to the Top

Here’s a story about a man named Al who personified Napoleon Hill’s famous observation that if you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it!

When Al was in his mid-twenties, he showed up to work one morning only to be greeted by the news every employee fears–he’d been fired. A proud, determined man, Al was deeply hurt by his dismissal. He hung around the house for several days, feeling sorry for himself and blaming the world for his misfortune.

But Al understood that feeling sorry for himself was getting him nowhere fast! So one day, shortly after being fired, Al decided to turn his negative experience into a positive one by using the time between jobs as an opportunity to plan the rest of his life.

Al started by sitting alone in a quiet room and praying about all of the things he would like to accomplish in his life. Then he took out a piece of paper and began jotting his prayers down as fast as he could.

When Al finished, he had a list of 107 prayers. Some involved adventure, like mountain climbing. Some were lofty, like accepting an invitation to the White House. Some involved his family, like seeing all five of his children graduate from college. Some were so ambitious they were almost impossible for Al to reach.

Become a Possibility Thinker

While Al was making his prayer list, he didn’t worry about being overly realistic. He didn’t want to think about all the things he could not do in God. He didn’t want to dwell on limitations because he knew God has no bounds. He wanted to concentrate on the things he could do–possibility thinking, not pessimistic thinking. He made it a point to pray over and over again!

Because Al dared to pray, he not only turned his life around, he became one of the most successful people in the history of his field. Al accomplished not only a few of his prayers, but almost all of the others from his original list of 100 prayers. Just think, Al accomplished almost 90 percent of his prayers! Al’s accomplishments are living proof that praying has the awesome power to transform people’s lives.

The Power of Praying

Everywhere I look around this great country of ours, I see overwhelming evidence of the real power of praying, starting with the most cherished possession of every American–our freedom.

Can you imagine where you and I would be if our founding fathers had not dared to pray to God? We would still be a colony of England! Without prayer, America, the Land of the Free, would still be the land of the world’s largest plantations. But because the signers of the Declaration of Independence dared to pray more than 200 years ago, America is today the international model for democracy and the leader of the free world. That’s what I mean when I say there’s power in praying big prayers.

Now that we have established the importance of praying, let’s turn our attention to a proven method for turning your prayers into reality. There are three simple stages necessary to start turning your prayers into your destiny.

• Stage one is to THINK your prayer.
• Stage two is to VISUALIZE your prayer.
• Stage three is to PLAN your prayer.
• Stage four is to TAKE your prayer to the Lord.

Think Your Prayer

When you think your prayer, it means you do what Al did when he was a young man just starting out. You have to sit down and brainstorm about all the things you would like to achieve in your life–and then write them down.

If you get “writer’s block” trying to think of prayers, you might try asking What If questions. What If questions get your imagination clicking again. Ask yourself, “What if I could have any job in the world . . . what would it be? What if money and time were not a problem . . . what would I do with the rest of my life?” Answers to ‘What If’ questions like these can get your prayers flowing faster and stronger than ever.

Visualize Your Prayer

Stage two in turning your prayers into reality is to visualize your prayer. When you visualize, you start with a vague idea of what it is you want, and then you sharpen the focus until the picture becomes clear and sharp in your mind. It’s sort of like watching a Polaroid picture develop right before your eyes, except the picture is in your mind. In other words, you are developing your prayer into something you can envision!

My favorite definition of Vision comes from the great Irish writer, Jonathan Swift, who said, “Vision is the art of seeing things invisible to others.” A vision is nothing more than a prayer so clear, so vivid, that nothing can discourage you from achieving it and no one can ever steal it from you.

If prayers are fuzzy, a vision is in sharp focus. When you have a vision, you see the place you want to be. Your vision becomes like a preview for a soon-to-be-released movie. When you have a vision, it’s not a matter of if your prayer will happen. It’s a matter of when your prayer will happen.

Plan Your Prayers

Stage three is to plan your prayers. The planning stage separates the participants from the spectators, the drivers from the passengers. You see, when you start drawing up a plan for your prayer, it shows that you are serious. Planning means you have committed yourself to “walking the walk” instead of just “talking the talk”!

What do you think would be the first thing a banker would ask if someone requested a loan of $100,000 to start a new business. How about, “Where’s your business plan?” The banker knows from experience that new businesses without solid business plans seldom succeed. Why? Because anyone who would try to open a new business without taking the time to plan where they are going and how they will get there is planning to fail, plain and simple! Like Yogi Berra used to say, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re never gonna get there.”

There are three steps you need to take to draw up a plan for realizing your prayers:

1. Write a personal mission statement
2. Break your prayers down into goals
3. Write daily “to-do” lists

Let’s take a look at each one of these steps in more detail, beginning with writing a mission statement.

Step One: Write a Mission Statement

A mission statement is really nothing more than a written statement of your purpose in life. It could be a one-sentence statement, like a slogan. Or it could be a couple of paragraphs. That’s up to you. No matter what the length, a mission statement has the power to inspire you to levels of achievement never dreamed possible.

I refer to my personal mission statement regularly because it reminds me of who I am and what I should be doing with my time and talents. Without a clearly defined mission statement, I could be drifting all over the place, like a boat without a rudder.

Step Two: Write Down Your Goals

I think most people don’t have written goals because they tell themselves they don’t understand how to go about writing them. The real reason people avoid writing down goals is because they fear they won’t be able to live up to them. Secretly, they think, “If I write down a goal and don’t accomplish it, that will mean I’m a failure.”

Life is not about results, but about efforts. It is more important to measure efforts than results. If you work hard enough on the things in God’s plan for you, that is success.

Now that you’re ready to write down your goals, you may want to start with these five categories, which I call the “Five F’s”: Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, and Finances. You may wish to add to, or delete, some of these categories. Now, for each one of these categories, set long-term (three to five years), short-term (six months to a year), and immediate goals (30 days).

For example, if under the category of fitness, you write down that you would like to lose 30 pounds, here’s how this goal would break down:

Long-Term Goal: I will reach my ideal weight and maintain that weight.

Short-Term Goal: I will lose 30 pounds over the next 10 months, which is less than four pounds a month, or less than one pound a week.

Immediate Goal: I will limit the number of calories I consume to 1,800 per day; I will walk 30 minutes every morning; and I will lose three pounds by Saturday night.

Just as you need to break your prayers down into specific goals, you need to break those goals down into a daily “to-do” list. I use them every day and, I must say, I get more productivity out of my prayers than I do from any other business tool.

Step Three: Expand Your Horizon By Praying Big Prayers

Remember that the prayer itself is the real key. With a prayer and the right actions to make it come true, the sky is the limit.

Why not expand your horizons by daring to make prayer your number one tool? The worst that could happen is that you aim for the tree tops, fall short of your prayers, and only clear the fence. But, by failing to clear the treetops, you would have succeeded in clearing the fence, wouldn’t you?

I give my day up to the Lord. I realize that He and I have different timetables. Only by loving and following Him do I gain the satisfaction of the proper job well done.

I want to assure you that on the other side of the fence is a big, wonderful world full of endless opportunities just waiting to be discovered. On the other side of that fence is a wonderful world of endless adventures just waiting to be experienced–if only you dare to pray!

DIY – How to Beat Obama in 2012

You can absolutely do something about it yourself. No, I am not encouraging you to just vote. Of course, you should do that; but by then, it will be too late, and you know that. Unless you live in Florida or Ohio, your state will probably not affect this election, anyway.

So,  what do you do if you are in, say Texas? Go down to your local state employment office, and register for work.

The laughable official government unemployment rate is 8.1%, yet experts typically measure the real unemployment/underemployment rate at about 22%, almost three times the advertised number. Obama is touting that he has made progress on the horrible mess he inherited four years ago. I could write volumes about what a bunch of BS that really is, but that is in other posts already.

If one in fifty of the unemployed, who are not registered with the state employment office, registered, then the unemployment rate would rise to 8,4%. Romney could and would pound that point in the debates. If it did not move the needle, get another 2% of the unemployed to register for work next month. The 8.7% unemployment rate would do Obama in. That is just getting one in 25 registered for work.

People file with the State employment office to get welfare after losing a job, for the most part. So, of course, when their unemployment ends (which has been 99 weeks in many cases), they do not register again. Well, of course, that is logical since no one is getting hired anyway, and that is the kind of apathy that is to the advantage of the incumbents.

The US economy created less jobs (96,000) in August than the number of people who became working age. Doesn’t that make you at least a little suspicious that they are managing these numbers at the Obama campaign?

People are increasingly giving up looking for work. The administration says we are making progress, so they urge you to reelect them for more of this “economic progress”. At this point Obama is leading the race for president, so it is working (for him anyway). Are you going to do anything about it?

The best way to defeat Obama is to rally all your friends, who are probably unemployed or underemployed, to storm the employment office in protest of this inept administration. If all your activist friends actually did register for work, Obama would be history, and he would hopefully never again be repeated.

Who knows, maybe someone you know will actually get a job. Wouldn’t that be refreshing? Remember, Obama’s best buddy, Bill Clinton said in his campaign., “it’s the economy stupid”; and it got him elected.

Mitt Romney – Job Creator for America?

Mitt Romney’s Jobs Plan for His Administration


What Romney Actually Proposes

Romney works around the edges of job creation, but it is true that he has no jobs plan for his administration. He actually has plans for labor , energy, tax structure, regulation, trade, energy, human capital and fiscal policy. While some of these categories could have jobs impact, there is no concrete evidence of that in the plan language.

In fact, I would argue that his fiscal policy plan federal spending cuts, of between $1T and $.5T, would reduce employment by between a million and a half million – lost jobs in America. The slight tweaks, he hints at, would not be able to absorb these job losses.

Why Does Romney’s Jobs Plans Matter

This is the pivotal claim that Romney makes. He claims extensive experience in creating jobs. Well, I have, too. Even I have a jobs plan for America, and I am not running for President of the United States.

We have seen, over past administrations, that the promises made in the campaign are hardly understated. In Fact, the majority of the campaign promises are never fulfilled. I see no reason to believe that Romney is any different. He is, after all, the second generation politician, raised with that very mindset. His dad even killed America’s fourth largest automaker. I might call that the forerunner of the massive competition from abroad, that has caused millions of good jobs lost.

Where Do I Find Romney’s Jobs Plan

Appropriately, you can find it at
I do encourage you to read it cover to cover. It is actually very short. However, I don’t think that the pivotal aspect of a run for the president should be brief, unless it is brilliant. This plan is far, far short of brilliant. Rather, it will not work at all.

Instead, America will find itself with more than the current 14 million unemployed. The resultant ripple effect of those several hundred thousand lost jobs will push us deeper into recession or depression, whatever you choose to call it.

Occupy Wal…Mart

Where Did the American Worker Go?

Let’s be realistic. The unbelievably horrific working conditions in China have only ended up in destroying the American worker. There is no way that any American should be allowed, much less forced, to compete with Chinese worker abuses, to earn a living.

A Chinese worker makes in a month roughly what I pay my workers for a day. The ruthless competition for a job there is not present here, in most cases. America has a huge safety net, tossed out by big brother. While it seems to many people like the humanitarian thing to do, it has not worked. America cannot maintain this collision course with ruin.

I am bothered that I cannot pay my workers more. Well, duh, if that is what my competition is doing, then I am stuck. I cannot ask my workers to get better. They are not perfect, but we work toward that every day. I have no doubt that my workers can perform at the level of the Chinese worker, or better (as I suspect).

OK, so can we conclude that this is not the fault of the workers or business owners here?

At this point, people immediately start pointing fingers at big brother. That is fair, I guess, but big brother’s response is ludicrous at best.

What is Big Brother doing?

The American government is actually borrowing trillions of dollars from China to finance their greedy overexpansion of the American empire. Of course, you do not kick the gift horse in the mouth. We are forced to turn a blind eye to this inequity of human rights, because we are paid off. Follow the money… Why else would big brother not address this problem? Well, OK, stupidity is another likely cause.

These economic stooges think that giving huge welfare to our people is the solution to the problem, or do they just want to own as many Americans as they can for power’s sake? Well, while it may be the only option to idiots who run this mess or those who “benefit” from the meager handout, it is the worst solution to the problem. Along with stealing our money to give to the multi-industrial complex to go murder innocent people abroad, this has left us $16T in debt nationally.

When the minimum wage in China is 55 cents, and the federal minimum wage here is $7.25, we have a big problem.

What are People Here Doing?

I cannot stress enough that a hand out does not work. A leg up is always the answer. When people get things for nothing, they inevitably develop an attitude of entitlement. As soon as we become lazy and unwilling to work, we need to correct our course.

I am not saying our people can’t rise to the occasion. I’m just saying that they have no reason to do that, now. Unemployment and welfare beat the heck out of hard labor at low wages. It is just reality. If you think about it, though, it is obvious that this is not the answer.

So, that is the American reality. Everyone just throws up their hands, then extends them to big brother. That does yield some meager subsistence, I guess, in most cases. However, what is the inevitable trend line of that? As more and more Americans leave their fates in the hands of government, we will eventually face the grim reality of every other totalitarian state.

What are People Not Doing?

We are not forcing the solutions on our leaders. We have made a few weak, futile stabs at boycotting Chinese goods. However, WalMart is hardly hurting from it. Sam Walton’s heirs are all in the richest few Americans alive, and I doubt that we know the half of it. The problem is that Americans feel so disillusioned when they do try and get no help from others.

Can Anything Solve This Mess?

Clearly, this is the issue of my lifetime. America has fallen from the preeminent manufacturer to an also ran. There are many causes of this.

To some part, Americans aspire to something greater. However, without entry level jobs, there are no companies for Americans to work up the ranks.

Lee Iacocca did save Chrysler by employing a “buy American” strategy, so we know that there was still a national pride in America, then. We do need to modernize that movement, and we need to launch it again.

Occupy WalMart

This needs to be handled by we the people getting together with an unstoppable passion to correct the problem. Maybe the Occupy movement is/is not the right place for this, but what about the Tea Party? What are they doing, except trying to get Ron Paul as President, if they are even settled on that? While that is critical, he will need our help, if he is elected, right?

Maybe the Tea Party should take a page from their book and Occupy WalMart. We could protest their Chinese goods. While I hate to hurt the poor Chinese workers who suffer immensely already in their unimaginable conditions, their plight won’t get any better just by us destroying American hopes and dreams. As with any other people in the world, I welcome them here with open arms. We will treat them better than that.

We need to publicize the reality of this situation and elicit support. While a protest is a good way to generate awareness of the problem, if I were the Waltons, I would want advance notice. Creating enemies unnecessarily is not the best tactic.

We could let people know what choices they are now making. We could list the Chinese goods in the store and ask that they boycott them, as they enter the stores. Then, we could ask that people let us examine how they did, as they leave the stores. We could release the names of American goods supporters on the internet in each community. This movement would take hold, for sure.

It will not be the baby boomers who fix the problems, although they can really help with the process. The problem is that they built up a super isolated society, where people are afraid to speak up collectively. It gets so confrontational sl fast. Big brother likes it that way, and that is why they train the police to act so violently against isolated people. The protest movement is the only way to change this all. The power of the people can only be exercised as a group.

Frankly, I would far more want to see American manufacturing and retail return than to see more banks and brokerages.

Big businesses are ruthlessly competitive, and they will not take kindly to these actions. Still, I want to see our youth do as we did when we were their age. We told the status quo to get f)@^ed. We didn’t have anything to lose, we thought. Martyrs were formed like Dr. King, but that should not be necessary if we all band together. The difference this time should be that the baby boomers know that the youth are totally justified in being pissed off at us. We let them down totally. It is time to work together as a group, not as an isolated bunch of scared rabbits, hiding behind our 8’ privacy fences.


Who Should Run the Country?

Let’s compare Newt Gingrich to Ron Paul

What similarities do they share?

Both were members of the House of Representatives. Both are running for president.

I think the similarities end there.

What are the differences?

I think Gingrich is a typical Washington crook. He is clearly motivated primarily by money. When he left the congress, he has undertaken lucrative schemes to reward the biggest crooks of them all.

Newt’s think tank fleeced the health care industry of $37 million. That wonderful Gingrich organization pushed a health care mandate for all who made over $50,000. That means a person 1.5 times the poverty level in America could be forced to have health care or post a bond, even with a handful of children. Of course, that would be unaffordable. Mitt Romney even said he got the idea for the Obamacare Massachusetts style came from Gingrich.

Newt also profited handsomely from Fannie Mae, the mortgage perpetrator of the housing bust that has cost millions of Americans their homes. Gingrich made $1.8 million from them, too.

Newt is the biggest saber rattler of any American politician. Our wars will be immense if the unthinkable happens next November.

On the other hand, Ron Paul seems motivated by a clean 4 decade record of limited government, freedom and strict adherence to the Constitution.

Ron Paul, also, profited from medicine. He did it the old fashioned way, though. He was a doctor. Ron Paul is violently opposed to the Obamacare fiasco, and he said that from day one.

Ron Paul also has a preeminent position with Fannie Mae. It just turns out that he holds the opposite end of that spectrum, though. Ron Paul actually predicted the housing crisis and Fannie Mae’s role in it in 2003, five years before the crisis.

He will bring home the troops on day one, unlike Obama who promised that very thing to absolutely the opposite conclusion.

What can we conclude from this?

Follow the money. Gingrich will not forget his past. The allegiances he formed with these and other shady American scoundrels will not go away. It shows that this is his character. He is the prototypical Washington politician, who drools over the chance of get the $400,000 presidential salary and its unlimited benefits.

Ron Paul has volunteered to be President of the United States for $39,336 the average wage of the American worker. He has proposed to cut $1T of spending from the American federal government in the first year, and he has plans to cut five governments from existence.

Occupy (Your Town)

What is the Occupy Movement?

This protest movement is a loosely organized, populist attempt to spotlight the plight of the majority of people in a society where the rich are getting way richer really fast, while others struggle. Like almost every other protest, the government is the bad guy who the protesters detest. The cops’ response to this protest seem to be increasing the gap between protesters and the establishment.

Primary causes of disgust among the protesters range from high student loans with no jobs to repay them – to the corruption of big banks. Other injustices are brought in to the protests, and that is either the strong point or the weak point, depending on your viewpoint.

Who Is Involved?

The protesters are primarily youth, as is the case in most large scale protests on the ground. Still, older geezers are pitching in, perhaps rekindling some old 60s and 70s type memories. It’s a whole lot easier to say who isn’t involved, who is almost everyone, especially the mainstream media.

Political leaders are staying a safe distance from the protests, letting the cops do the dirty work, since the leaders are not trying to get involved. There are a few local politicians who are taking part. Gary Johnson has visited and chatted with the protesters, and Ron Paul has been in communication with them, too.

What is the Response of Government?

This is the most interesting part of this movement. It is not yet tolerable for the US government to openly display fascist tactics against a mass movement in its borders. Now, it is not at all beyond this regime to kill its own citizens who are never convicted, never tried or even ever accused of a crime. The infamous Patriot Act (so terribly misnamed) has allowed the president to just go kill anyone he wants whenever he wants. He needs no concurrence. I add this, because that precedent is in place as a backdrop to this situation.

The most obvious government tactics are to dislodge the protest camps, late at night when press coverage will be light or none, with massive shows of force. Oakland, CA and NY Wall St are recent examples. The force used has been in excess of the necessity to act. Their training in social skills is apparently failing. Pictures and videos of excessive cop force are all over the internet and reported widely on all media except maybe the main stream media.

Thus, the already nonexistent relationship of government leaders to the people will erode to adversaries. I believe that it is a common social fact today that cops want us to bow down to them at all times. We can either be ignored or be bullied.

What Isn’t the Response of Government?

As would be expected, our political leaders, like Michael Bloomberg NY mayor, are unwilling to interact with the protesters. Of course, guys like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, who actually talk with people not at them, are not the leaders in Oakland or NY either. Obama has done the unthinkable. He condemns other countries, then condones the cops here doing the same or using even more force. What a hypocrite.


It is so pathetic to see how inept our leaders really are, when faced with even a small issue like this. Rather than go talk with the folks there to work out a way to clean the park, they send in the riot squads to cause riots. Well, thankfully, the protesters are far more disciplined than the political leaders or the cops.

Of course, there will be no repercussions on the cops using excessive force, unless the public outcry becomes deafening. This protest is nowhere near the magnitude to break the numbness of Americans in this age.

So far, big brother has not tried to label this movement a terrorist threat, via the nebulous but infamous war on terror. If that happens, people can be shot without trial or anything just. All Obama needs to do is say it, though, and the fascist state can continue in its march to totalitarianism.

Don’t think it is just top leaders who are insulated and ambivalent to the movement. According to mayor Bloomberg after Zuccotti Park was cleared of the protesters and their possessions, “One of the surest signs we did the right thing is that no one in city, as far as I know, is calling for return of the tarps, tents and encampment of Zuccotti Park,” and adding, “Now, there are protestors that are probably calling for it, but I don’t know of any elected officials who have stood up.”

I guess we could call it progress that former presidential candidate Rudy Guiliani is not mayor anymore. He had these brilliant comments to contribute. Rudy Giuliani said if he were still mayor of New York City, he would’ve booted the protesters out of Zuccotti Park on “day one” of the occupation, calling the demonstrators “bums” and “leftover hippies.”

Giuliani (who is not running for president) told Sean Hannity in a radio interview, “I would have handled this differently. I took over a city that had had two riots in the two years before I was mayor. I didn’t have a riot, because I didn’t let it start.”

What is the Result of These Protests So Far?

No new laws or dialogue have really occurred so far. Perhaps a few people, who were ignorant of conditions in America, have awakened to the fact of elitism gone rampant.

However, it is obvious that America is no more a land of we the people than it was in the 60s. Leaders are clueless, tactless and socially arrogant. Nothing has changed there, well, no it has eroded further. Obama is just a modern Nixon, in terms of his relation to the people. Replace the Rockefellers with the Bloombergs.

To protest is to demonstrate passion. What is the reward to the protesters? Sadly, many of them, already disillusioned, will now carry convictions of silly violations with them, too. In other words, we will further alienate our passionate youth. How do people continue to elect such bozos?

What Should We Expect?

Most likely, nothing substantive will result. At least, that seems to be the wishes of NY Mayor Bloomberg, and why not. He has one of the largest vested interests in Wall St. However, we may have a return to the heavy handed big brother redistribution of income of the 70s. Unions may use this to regain some semblance of respectability, undeserved that that would be (but that may be the topic of another article).

Remember, that a hand out always fails to deliver any meaningful changes. A leg up is always the answer. We will not see any use of that common sense strategy in all of this, until we elect leaders who have passion for the people outside their immediate family.

Where Did the Money Go?

America has a national debt approaching $16T.

What Did We Get For It?

We have no assets that we purchased with that. Even the roads we are building with the stimulus funds are being handed over to private companies to run for profit.

The pentagon gave us nothing for all the military imperialism we have done. The department of housing gave us no houses. The department of health and human services gave us no health or human services for tomorrow (or how you might look at an asset). Hey, we don’t even have any alcohol, tobacco or firearms from the ATF.

What Could We Have Bought With $16T?

First, we could have bought the entire top 50 companies in America. Oh, and we would have over $10T left over. We could already have bought Microsoft just with the interest on the debt we have paid in the first three quarters of 2011. Now, be sure that I am not suggesting the government go out and buy private companies. They have screwed us over bad enough without doing that. The point is illustrative that this money was wasted on something. The American economy is being run into the ground. We certainly don’t want to see these clowns run our biggest companies into oblivion, too.

How Is This Working Out For You?

I guess I have to assume that some of you who read this think that this is going pretty good. That makes sense, since over half of all Americans now get a significant portion of their income straight from big brother. In other words, you aren’t even able to survive without getting something from the public trough. I am not saying that is necessarily bad, on the surface. However, the real impact of this is that people grow dependent on this handout. Then, they no longer feel a real urgency to change that situation. It becomes easier to just vote for it to continue.

While that may be OK for you, it has done nothing for America. Now, someone must be getting a lot for this, as the magnitude of this is so crazy.

Who Is Getting All of This?

You know, I hated to write this article, because I can’t answer the most important question – that one. We sort of have to guess, don’t we. Many blame the rich in the country. If big brother saw that as the problem, in the infinite wisdom of that, then we would have bought out all the richest people in the country already.

So, I think we can rule out the big business theft theory.

Well, I assure you that I don’t have it. Do you? I didn’t think so.

Here’s Where I think All the Money Went

I think the government just spends it on themselves. They buy themselves jobs and perks. Sure, a lot of money goes to paying back the guys that get these crooks elected. I call them crooks, because that is exactly what they are. They are exposed for every kind of illegality, but they face no trials, much less convictions. The people are asleep.

Where Did All This Money Come From?

It was created out of thin air. Basically, the Fed just goes over to the printing press and prints it up. Then, they give it mostly over to big brother.

So, What Do We Do Now?

Really, I think it is pretty simple. The fed created all this money out of thin air. Surely, they have to realize that even we would get wise to this scam eventually. They know that we will refuse to pay them back for money they created out of thin air, when it is actually realized. So, we will just refuse to pay back the Fed. They get enough interest to buy Microsoft every nine months, as it is. That has been going on for decades, so they have had more than enough. Of course, I am certain that all these criminals in the government and big business should either go to jail or worse for these crimes they committed.

OK, So Where Did All This Money Go?

Here is a little note to the average American.

The fed audit turned up a little secret. The Fed printed and loaned out $16T behind closed doors, and they seem to have forgotten to tell us.

Don’t worry, the media just forgot, and that is why you forgot about it, too, right?

Hey, we are all getting older, and dementia is the rage of the era. I know the media has had it, since I was a kid. Look how old Greenspan was, and Bernanke is no spring chicken.

Sorry to regress.

The $16T went along with the $4T bailouts previously to the banks. Thus, the banks got $20T, as best we can discover, thanks to Ron Paul’s “audit the Fed” work. Don’t be surprised if it turns out to be twice that much, if all the stones get turned over in a full audit that all in power refuse to allow.

It is important to note that the Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, did say that he was fighting deflation. Given that key, and the one pure economic principle of supply and demand, demand had to be shrinking. That is one of the only two true reasons for deflation. The other reason is increase in supply. Given the depression of the past few years, that is clearly not the cause. You will see in a little while that companies have no incentive to produce more.

OK, so when the Fed fights deflation, they are essentially creating some artificial inflation. That is easily done by printing money out of thin air. When there is more money, prices go up because people have more to spend on the same amount of goods and services. The “consumer bid” for the items goes higher when there is more money to spend. That is how inflation works. So, let’s get back to where the money went. We know that $20T got printed and distributed to banks.

Why haven’t we seen massive inflation?

We have. It is called the rise in the stock market. Again, the fixed supply of stocks were bid up by more money to buy that stock. Look out when the master plan is to sell those stocks.

So why did the banks want the stock market to rise?

Well, they didn’t really care, initially. However, when faced with an apparent call to help the stock market rise or get shut out of trillions of interest free loans, they got on board in a hurry. Literally, this rigged game wasn’t even disguised. As soon as the banks were bailed out, stocks went on a tear. Oh, I tried to get a small business loan at that time, too. I was laughed at, literally. Banks all made it clear that they had no money to loan. Right, they got $20T, and they had no money to loan to me or anyone else. It wasn’t just me. It was widely known at the time.

So who wanted the stock market to rise?

You will get that answer in the upcoming months before the election. Obama wants to get reelected. He and Michelle love the adulation, wages and perks of the presidency. If Obama can claim how great things are, because the stock market rose so much, you will buy into his having done a good job. Then, you will vote for him, right?

This also provides cover for Obama to claim that things are actually going fine. Also, under the same cover, companies can pocket the money (more on that in a bit).

Did all the money go from the banks to Wall St?

No. Remember the Fed was fighting deflation or the loss of the peoples’ interest in buying stuff, due to their loss of jobs, loss of equity in their house or investments and reduced wages. Still, we have had measurable inflation over every period. Thus, some of the money from the $20T made its way into the marketplace. People paid more for stuff because there was more money in circulation.

How did that money get into circulation?

The money went from the banks to government departments, too. $20T is a lot of money, even for bankers; so there was plenty to go around (except for you).  Remember how fast the federal deficit has shot up. Well, the banks have bought government bonds, in addition to stocks. Those bonds are essentially government promises to repay loans. That is how the government operates and the deficit skyrockets. We print money with no collateral for big brother to increase his stranglehold on you. Those government departments are growing exponentially. Those extra bureaucrats get paid really well. They spend some of that money, and that causes the little inflation we have had, instead of the deflation we would have had.

How does this all fit together?

Think again of the trillions of dollars that went into this boondoggle. Again, you can’t conceive of $20T. One thing that does is to get a lot of pretty slick people scheming for that money, who we can call crooks, in this real world example. Those many people just run some fairly sophisticated spreadsheets to manage all these various “statistics” you follow.

So, are we really just puppets?

Yes. When the Fed can print money out of thin air, with no collateral for it, you are screwed. I could easily run the American economy from my office, with no help. It is easy when you have endless trillions to put wherever the cry gets loud enough. I could easily dole out just enough to keep the statistics inching forward. Oh of course, I’d reward sugar daddy (Obama) with a windfall just before the election. Hint…

So where does all that money end up?

This closes the loop. Look at the massive stock buybacks occurring now at major companies.

How can they be stuffing such huge amounts in their pockets when the economy sucks?

They are just pocketing their share of the $20T.

So, did the rich just get richer?


But what about me?

Screw you.

Your prices went up, when they should have gone down.

Jobs have disappeared. The companies have zero motivation to hire anyone, because they can buy back their stock with the money printed out of thin air. Why should they work to grow their company when they can pay it off from Fed free money.

Your house is worthless.

The government has passed so many new regulations that you can’t move without permission from big brother. Your freedom has vaporized, and it will get worse, because you are not fighting to stop them.

Why does the government want to screw me?

They want to own you. That’s book socialism or street communism. So, they kill your opportunity to prosper. When you are destitute, they throw you a bone. You love them for that at that time. Remember, you are destitute, and that bone is so welcome. So, welfare looks fantastic, when in fact, the American dream was extinguished right under your nose. You won’t even notice it, though. After all, you haven’t noticed the rest of this.

Am I really the one who got screwed?

No, your kids and their kids are who really gets screwed. They will really feel the pain of all this. They aren’t even at fault, but they will have to unwind this freedom grab and pay back the debt at the same time. Hey, you deserve to get screwed, because you are too stupid to even try to stop this. You won’t even vote for Ron Paul who will absolutely stop this madness. Your kids aren’t even at fault, and they will have it a thousand times worse than you. Don’t take it personally. You have lots of company who believes all the BS from the government and the media.

So you want answers?

The answer is so simple. Yes,there is one answer for every question. How can it be that life is really this simple.

The answer is love. Jesus said it so clearly when He told us the two commandments. Love God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself.

Of course, the world, ruled by satan, would have such voids of love. Only satan could want it this way. All of the rest of us yearn for love, no matter how deep it is buried. So, expect it to be your life’s mission to understand what this means. It may be simple, but it won’t be easy.

The best way to practice this is to remember love is a verb. It is action you need to take. Looking for it to be a noun or some feeling inside you may set you up for disappointment. The greatest of all people love with all they have, and they have no time left to think about whether it is returned.

So you want answers? Love, and you will find them.



Here is another great rendition of that.


It’s Another Day In Paradise

Is it your day in paradise?

I hope so. If it is, treasure it.

Somewhere, there is someone who is not there. Does that bother you as much as it does me?

Too often, I forget those in need. I need to do things that really aren’t important. They have no real significance, now or eternally. Yet, we are commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves. That command is not to love them somewhat or even a lot. We must love them at least as much as we love ourselves. It is easy not to realize how much we love ourselves. We just take it for granted, and it is mostly taken for granted that we will do whatever it takes for ourselves. What would it be like if we loved others so much that we took it for granted. That is the world in God’s eyes. He sent Jesus to show us how to do it, and He said we can do more than Him.

In fact, it is praised when we achieve.

We all know that it is far more noble to take care of the needy and the disadvantaged. So, I encourage you to really put effort into the lives of those who need you. Reach out, even beyond your comfort zone to help. It isn’t as easy as it seems on the surface. It is really fairly hard to help out a lot, but I know you can do it if you put your mind to it. People don’t need a hand out, but they really need a leg up.

Enjoy your day in paradise.